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TECH outside COS: From the Midwest Freezone Centre. I have never been in an "official" Church of Scientology, but 10 years ago I went to a group in Texas to get auditing. It was just okay, nothing bad, but nothing great (might have helped if I had not been smoking pot on the side without telling them. It seems Dianetics Book One auditing does not do much then. 5 years ago while in Colorado I had a person I knew from a mutual business dealing who had formerly done some OT Levels back when Survival Services did things besides Idenics. He was so excited about his gains that he offered to make me an OT3. So he audited me on this. This did not work so well and after that I only lurked on some yahoo groups and did some reading of stuff I downloaded from the internet. Felt it did not work for me. Over the past 6 months I began reading that in Indiana there was an experienced author and a place offering to audit and fix up people who had bad auditing. The Mid West Tech Center and Frank Davis from there. Slowly and cautiously I got in contact with him on the internet and finally talked myself into going for a visit. While there for 3 days I got the idea that it would be okay to try again. He made sure on the no drugs part before I came down. We did an interview, then he did a list of a lot of questions. Now I feel good about auditing and not like a loser. I know now what the books were talking about and wanting more. I will be back. got to, I already paid for more auditing. Want to be a winner? Do it.

— Howie

Success from MidwestTechCenter on 12/05 at 04:30 PM
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