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Today I attested CLEAR!!! A fabulous experience that I must reveal to you all. When I started in Scientology and have read Dianetics a couple of times I got the idea that this apparently beautiful state mental freedom would be hard to get. Only achievable for a happy few. How wrong I was. After actively joining Ron’s Org in Frankfurt and my good friend Jan had audited me on grade II, I started on grade III. These sessions were running great when somewhere in the final sections of the Grade III processes we hit “solid rock” and massive mass was blown that was kept in place by a very “fine” service fac that blew at the same time. We finalised the Grade III processes with great wins, but since that very moment something definitely had changed for the best. With great energy and interest I continued with my auditor Beate on the grade IV processes. Something in my mind was stirring and at a certain moment in session I got this enormous realisation and cognition of how service facs had been controlling my daily routines and functioning and all of a sudden the whole picture and all its masses blew and I felt FREEDOM. What a wonderful feeling. I knew suddenly I was clear and the next few weeks I experienced like floating on a cloud in the air, being able to look at anything without any worry at all, still enjoying this gigantic win. Today on June 8, 2008 exactly 55 years after I was born, I attested CLEAR after having gone through the required steps for clear certainty. The best birthday present anyone ever could have given me. This is what makes it extra special to me and I can only say how happy I am that I have decided to continue on the “road to clear” and the narrow highway that is called ‘THE BRIDGE” To all who have gone this path, you probably know what I am talking about. To those yet to go: do not hesitate but do it! Thanks to everybody, especially Beate, who made this wonder happen. ARC and much love P.K.

— P.K.

Success from Ron's Org Frankfurt on 08/11 at 09:23 PM
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