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Ladies and gentlemen, I had every expectation that M1 would be about as exciting as a trip to the library to visit with the dictionaries. For those not familiar with Method One word clearing, it is clearing all words in all subjects studied. Following the assessment of my subject list, it took about one auditing command for me to understand this was not going to be a trip to my local library ... not exactly!

I came upon understandings above and beyond anything I had known before. Not data! Understandings, and direct knowing. When I hit the end phenomenon, I knew it. I don’t believe I have ever been so certain of an EP in my life. It is a bursting, insistent, expansive win, and it continues to bubble. Anyone who has wondered about doing M1 as an OT, do it!
The unknowns in my world, are now curiosity and comprehension. Even the most ordinary fixtures of society are seen in their entirety, wherever I choose to look. How can one express that there are no barriers to understanding, and expect another to comprehend that simplicity?

Spectacular also describes the auditing I received from a guy known as Les Warren. There is something I want everyone to get, and it is very simple, and it is very good. Les is completely an Auditor. It was only after my completion and attest that it struck me how entirely transparent my auditing had been. There were no mistakes, every item was tracked down, every word cleared, and everything proceeded as I might have wished. As I - me, myself, and I - might have wished. Every cognition was validated. Every win was validated. It was only afterwards that I realized how very duplicated I had been all along the way. How very open I had been. How clean and welcoming the space I had been in was. All were my cognitions, my wins, entirely. I occupied my space in total freedom. And it was all so subtle, so transparent, that I had to turn around and really look, to see it. Completely flubless, completely there, completely done!

Les, thank you for a great M1. Thank you for your knowledge and auditing. Thank you for allowing me to be as I wish, and have my wins! Not meaning to evaluate, but ... you are spectacular.

Thank you Ron, for all the astounding wealth and diversity of tech. Words cannot express thanks for your tremendous gift. I hope to learn to use it all to audit and give others the opportunity to realize more about themselves and their infinite potential relationships to others, to themselves, and to Creation. I had long sought to grasp the relationships between art, creation, truth, and being. Now, I have my answers in hand. At my volition, whenever I choose, I am able to look at another and see the incredible creations of beings all around me - the being herself, himself.

Thank you all in the FZ for your perseverance, your courage, in making this all possible, again. I wish each and every one of all of you would stop for a moment and take a look, just for a moment, look at the life in you today, and get just a glimpse of how truly incredible you are, in your creation. Good or evil, happy or sad, you boggle the imagination.

Of course, I’m here, too. And believe me, with all due respect to your Grandmother, this M1 was not your Grandmother’s trip to the library!:-) Life itself has become, in a word, spectacular, to me.

— George.

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