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After having done quite some auditing, I was still holding myself back in life. Always working, but not feeling very effective. "Running in place," as it's called. I thought there must be more. L10 ("The Cause Rundown") seemed like a relaxed 2-way-comm about many subjects. But every now and then, we would suddenly jump into a subject. We discovered things that I had carefully hidden for myself, but that had firmly impacted my life and my thinking. I'm convinced that these items can be found in many people, making their behaviour on their dynamics eeuh... less than optimum. My understanding of other individuals and groups has greatly improved. I can be with and handle them more easily. So much was picked up in each session, that I've hardly realized all the changes yet. On each step of the Bridge I had been auditing the past; but now it looked as if we were auditing the future! The future is F/Ning now. I can freely walk into it; no ideas about how the future must or must not be. In life, I don't go into time-consuming "discussions with myself" anymore. No constant sticky evaluations. If some action is on my list, I simply do it. And that saves time. Maybe I'll even have spare time some day (laughter). I think Otfried did a brilliant job as an auditor. He did any action necessary on the spot, without hesitation. He made me feel part of "CSI Frankfurt": whatever was there, we would find it. On top of all the wins I got, it was great fun digging together! Thank you, Otfried! — And thank you, Ron! A.M. 10 Oct 2010

— Arthur M.

Success from Ron's Org Frankfurt on 02/04 at 08:16 PM
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