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I came here at the worst bottom of my life. I have lost my kids (my pride and joy). I had been arrested and put in jail for 6 days for something I only half remember doing because I was on so many pills I was in a fog. I came here without anywhere else to go. I have hurt everyone I love and myself even worse. I knew I had, and have, real pain but I thought only the pills would make it better. I never believed there could be another answer. I went through the Purification Program and I feel like a different person. The first few days I felt everything. I smelled pot. I thought a towel was talking to me (acid). I got nausea and I got tired a lot. The niacin (a vitamin required on the program) made me look like I had an allergy. At times it was from head to toe! On the next to the last day I started to feel clearer and then that night I slept like a baby. I really couldn't wait to get into the sauna (for 5 hours was I crazy?) on the final day. More than half way through that 5 hours I had this feeling come over me--I realized that the black cloud that used to be over my mind and body was completely gone! I was happy almost giddy! I felt so good I can't imagine putting anything into my body again! I feel like a new woman!

— HW

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