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Well, I’ve been attested as Dianetics Clear. Quite amazing, but there is important moment – it gives me firm certainty, stability and it does finish my long voyage in this way. I was need to finish this cycle, because finishing that cycle allow me to move further with certainty that some definite part of work is done and I can don’t worry about it.

It is great – to have achieved this state and live in a new way. I have a lot of wins, considerable gains, I have understood many thing in life. I will not tell about all of them because, firstly there are a lot of them and because, secondly words are bad means to express that admiration I felt. But I tell you about some of them.

I have acquired certainty that I can do everything man can do – as principle, I can attain success in any occupation I will deal with. I became more persistent, able to win, show persistence and conquer time after time any aim to attain result what I want and quality I need.

Work became liked by me. Previously I didn’t. Now I like big and complex (difficult) aims, vast volumes of work and … responsibility became liked by me (it is strange for our world). My responsibility has considerable grown.

I became entire being, I have recognized it. It is clear as day, I not need to think about it or remember it. As a spirit I became more powerful, able and free.

Many, many prejudices, barriers, counter-actions have disappear; more that – I became able to handle with it. About perceptions – they are clear; there is no any illness about 2 years, tone grown highly.

I have become a friend to myself, it was very serious breakthrough for me (especially to personal ethics). And thus I became better friend to other people. In better state I have read LRH article “What is greatness?” and as result I have acquired that ability – to love in spite of everything and to continue to love. After this moment a lot of suffering, hostility and filth leaved my life. And thanks to auditing I now have clear thinking and good perspicacity. Because of it I had great amount of cognitions.

I have truly become happy and healthy being - more strong, able and free. I became much more independent.

Now I stay at the beginning of very good voyage, I know and feel it. There are now doubts about my state, I feel myself easy and interesting. Just now I have certainty in success, certainty in handling with difficulties. I feel myself able to go through life.

Nothing of it can be possible without work of LRH and his loyal people. I thank to LRH, MSH, WBR and to people, who helped them. And, of course, I thank to people who did that TECH available for me. Because of these help I’m in quite new level of existence.

Thank you very much. Jura V., January, Russia (GP lines)

— Ura Vasiliev

Success from Maxim Lebedev on 06/19 at 10:13 AM
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