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On purpose I have waited for 3-4 weeks to write down the success story for this adventure. 35 years ago I got the first vague inkling of how it would be to get rid of all the other-determined things and their effects on my life. Now I know for sure. And of course, it’s great. One of my major wins is the much bigger integrity and the recognition how senseless it is to make myself smaller or keep me smaller. Of course everybody creates his or her own state, but the learning process becomes deadlier and deadlier as you go down the spiral. And there lies other-determinism. For the goal is to learn from experience and not to be done in for it. During this level I could get to know the many facets of this other-determinism in such an incredible way. There is really nothing you can imagine that does not exist. During the level I could insert the Solo Power Course to solve some problems that had occurred. The data related to this opened some more doors. Now I could sort out things which were impossible to sort out before. The result was a very calm state, resting in myself, willingness to confront whatever I would undertake and a very large certainty and confidence regarding my destination, my origin and my further development. Most of all the certainty to be able to win this game together with all others. But the most amazing experience was the OT Life Repair. What I could handle on all dynamics on that level can’t be told in words. My concept regarding the dynamics after that was so simple that I could hardly believe it. The uncertainties which I experienced in the Church after the completion of each level could once more not be traced here. There was just the subjective and objective truth that this kind of charge has been removed. This in itself is nearly an OT level. Especially with regards to the partially very hurtful cognitions which I gained on this level regarding the Church I can value the possibility Ron’s Org offers here even more: - the bridge that is really done by gradients where you can move swiftly without any uncertainty - the precise measure of support and trust in the ability and responsibility of the individual - the completely superior handling of supervision and care. All of that, I am quite sure, is appreciated by Ron. With regards to the support in this important step I want to thank my C/S, the “Swiss people”, the course team and also my wife who accompanied me on this journey with patience, some emotion (created from both sides) and support. I am looking forward to the next level and wish everybody those wins, and fast! ARC, RW 28-07-09

— RW

Success from Ron's Org Frankfurt on 08/16 at 07:44 AM
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