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So there you have it, I have just completed "The Clear Hat" at Ron's Org Grenchen. My first course in RONS Org. There is a recollection of 'doing' this course at an earlier time, in another place, but at that time I 'knew' that it was fairly pointless as the cost required to continue on the OT levels was completely out of my reach… Also it had to be completed fast /quickly/now/sooner so that more student point could be added to the score board. This time was different, the purpose was to understand, that's all. Also there is included the lecture by Bill Robertson which just tells the truth without any frills. One should note, at this point, that I along with many others were 'brainwashed' into thinking that CBR was a maniac, naturally, as he was speaking the truth that exposes what is really happening on this planet. He lectured in 1985, prior to easy internet access. What he said is now easily verifiable (as well as observable) by pressing a few buttons. What this adds up to is that I am very happy to be here and know that I will make progress with the correct technology of LRH. That was not the case prior to this time.

— CP

Success from Ron's Org Grenchen on 06/01 at 09:04 PM
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