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Dear Beate, dear Ulli, dear Otfried, I want to write down my wins which I got through the org during the last 5 years, be it by auditing, courses, talks or just by the org and the people in it. Of course it can be published in all languages. The thing is that I have become much more stable compared to how I was before and that in situations, no matter which, I get or got a better and better general view. In this I notice that I am in a much much better communication with my environment and myself and that I can return it if I deem it necessary. I can say that during these last 5 years I got into a much better “shape” and feel both physically and mentally more and more flexible, young and dynamic than in the time before. I am sure that this is related to the fact that the reactive burden becomes less and less. For that I want to thank Ron, you, Beate, as my auditor, you, Otfried, as my C/S, and you, Ulli as my terminal for all questions, as well as all org staffs and certainly also the participants in the org! It is good and it feels good to be in contact with an island of clarity. Bill R. once said to me in Les Verrières when I told him that I lived near the Frankfurt Org that I have made a very good postulate. Every day I notice that he was just right about it. I also experience myself more and more self-determined regarding the subject of Scientology in the public. I have lost all inhibitions to tell somebody in my business or private environment that I study Scientology. I can even say that no matter what “reactive thunderstorm” follows – or not – I can confront it. I even enjoy to tell my opinion and communicate it, it gives me strength. Thanks to the time in the org more and more of a structure cristallizes in my life, in what way I want to live my life, what is important for me, what I can do without, what I don’t want etc. My life becomes more conscious and communicative all the time, which I do not want to miss under any condition. The time of unawareness has come to its end and a beginning has been made, which I could achieve thanks to the Org, and once more I want to say thanks to all named participants of the Frankfurt Org, and also to the other orgs there are. You do an invaluable job!!! During the last 5 years, I have become more and more self-determined, but I also know that a lot is left to do, so I am looking forward to going further and further up the bridge and experience the “miracles” of each level. grin Much love, Jan

— Jan

Success from Ron's Org Frankfurt on 09/22 at 08:41 PM
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