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Success Story C/O Cycle RD (A Ron's Org Rundown between OT 13 and OT 14) This is a great rundown which made my body into a friend. I have learnt to communicate with it. I thought before I did communicate with it, however a few aspects were missing or inhibited things. Now all of that has been cleaned up and is perfect, and so an utterly new communication has been brought about. A completely new body feeling has come about. It is incredible how the body changed throughout the auditing. It is such a fascinating rundown that moves so many things that it is nearly magic. Many dear thanks to Otfried my C/S who was, like always, a professional companion. Also thanks to all the others in Ron’s Org Frankfurt who made it possible and of course a heart-felt thank you to Ron. L.S. Sep 7th 2011

— LS

Success from Ron's Org Frankfurt on 09/10 at 11:32 AM
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