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Purification Rundown

Before the Purification Program there were a few things wrong that I wanted to fix. I used to have terrible foot cramps, and my sense of smell left a lot to be desired. Not only did I get these cleared up, I also found energy I didn't know I had. Overall it was a great experience. I got a lot out of it. grin Even my skin looks and feels healthier. I'd recommend this program to anyone. grin

— RS

Success from on 06/09 at 11:41 PM
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Purification Rundown

"Before beginning the Purification Program I was feeling tired and anxious and experiencing psychosomatic manifestations that I couldn't explain. Having a past of drug and alcohol use, I often wondered if the physical and emotional sensations I had been feeling were due to the accumulation of the substances in my body. However, I just couldn't quite put my finger on the source of just 'not feeling right.' After being on the program I feel fantastic. The anxiety has vanished and I am no longer having unexplained sensations of illness/damage in my body. I feel more calm and confident and have an improved sense of purpose and determination in my life. Thanks."

— AB

Success from on 06/06 at 11:52 PM
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Grade 1

Sometimes we find out that our efforts to help end in disaster. In Jeff's and Pat's auditing sessions I recalled a particularly heavy failure to help. I'd created a race of plantlike beings to be used as food for another more highly evolved batch of beings. I apologize to the squeamish about how crass that sounds, but we were pretty sure of ourselves back then. I thought I'd attended to every detail in their construction, but I missed something major. The "feeder people" were poisonous and we found out the hard way, after our beautifully evolved race of beings were nearly wiped out. Everybody was mad at me! All my hard work and good intentions culminated in disaster. How does one do penance for such an act? Apparently I agreed to hate and fear myself, and to suppress my abilities to prevent further trouble. I'm done with all this self-chastisment now. I seemed to have agreed to do this to a point, but now it's over. Continued suppression is no longer the answer it's not helping anyone any more. I now feel free to use my abilities freely and I'm ready to accept the consequences of my actions--and I believe there can be good consequences now.

— T.S

Success from thetagal on 06/05 at 08:40 PM
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Grade 1

The past two days prior to completing Grade I I have felt a multitude of little problems just disintegrate. I am a lot "cleaner" like "empty" (for want of a better word.) I can also identify the source of problems and make them vanish. This grade was excellent. Many thanks to my C/S and Auditor, and LRH!

— M.R.

Success from thetagal on 06/05 at 08:39 PM
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Grade 0

For me this is the real starting point. I am not only established in PT (Present time) and the Physical Universe, but I can communicate. This is where the fun begins! I have much more ARC for people --and myself. In fact, I have a lot more for all dynamics. I am so grateful that we have the Tech, and that people are here making these wins achievable. Great thanks to Pat and Ray and everyone at Elma. And many thanks to my auditor K.D.

— MR

Success from thetagal on 06/05 at 08:28 PM
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ARC Straightwire

Before now I never realized how important it was to stay in Present Time and in Valence. Turning my life over to automaticity meant that I was not at Cause. Even more important to me was that I wasn't as alive as I could have been. One of my goals is to become more observant. The Straightwire Processes are very helpful in reaching that goal.

— D.D.

Success from thetagal on 06/05 at 08:23 PM
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CCHs are flat and I found this to be a very powerful action. It started off with my thinking that this was a slow grind. Painfully slow and arduous, but my auditor, with patience and guidance, kept me on track. I became aware of other determinism. Then, with time, I spotted more of the impingements. Things Blew! Doubt fell, followed by uncertainty. Confusion lifted and stops went away. All of these things have affected my life, and not for the better. Wow! I can now recognise the source of counter efforts. This is really huge. To that degree, I am much more self-determined. Thank you Pat, Ray, and Chris Parker

— Chips

Success from Admin on 06/05 at 08:21 PM
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Life Repair

Coming from a place of no expectation, but anticipation, I am totally amazed at the outcomes of a few hours of life repair. Prior to these few sessions I had fragments of knowledge of my history and emotional masses, but nothing compared to the wholeness of the picture I have gained. This picture provides me a continuous tapestry that contains many "Aha!" pieces, each piece, and the whole of it, allowing the release of old hidden traps and shackles, and the realization of a path to a freedom I had only hoped existed.

— TS

Success from thetagal on 06/05 at 08:15 PM
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ARC Straightwire

It's good to be on the Bridge again! ARC Straightwire unlocked parts of my track that haven't been accessible for years. A walk down the block between processes put me in touch with the magic of perceiving as I did when a child. Everything seems fresh and new. I thank my C/S for "being there" and my auditor, Craig, for making processing accessible.

— F.S.

Success from Craig Robart on 06/05 at 05:46 AM
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Grade 1

WOW! Amazing when you first start this level how you "have problems" (or, think you don't). I sorta already knew but now DO know with certainty the source of these "problems". I had an awesome cognition regarding a "problem" at home. It had to do with a brand new big red farm tractor sitting idle in my backyard, which was supposed to be used for leveling out the yard in preparation for some grass and a playset for our children. As this nice new tractor sits there waiting to rust, I just realized that I was taking responsibility for this "problem" to exist and persist and not change! Well let me just say that I will now take responsibility and control and make this supposed "problem" VANISH! I just might take this tractor for a spin - HAH! No Problem! Level the house?! NO PROBLEM!! I practically jumped out of my chair when I realized I had no problems after all! (You shoulda seen the look on the auditor's face, VGIs). I can confront the source of a problem, take control, and make it vanish! Thanks again to Craig, my auditor!

— R.R.

Success from Craig Robart on 06/05 at 05:44 AM
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Grade 2

This has been a great grade for me. I am quite serene and have a lot more ARC. I feel I can experience more joy without any conditions attached. Thanks to my Auditor and C/S! Thanks to LRH!

— MR

Success from thetagal on 04/26 at 05:24 AM
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