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TECH outside COS: From the Midwest Freezone Centre. I have never been in an "official" Church of Scientology, but 10 years ago I went to a group in Texas to get auditing. It was just okay, nothing bad, but nothing great (might have helped if I had not been smoking pot on the side without telling them. It seems Dianetics Book One auditing does not do much then. 5 years ago while in Colorado I had a person I knew from a mutual business dealing who had formerly done some OT Levels back when Survival Services did things besides Idenics. He was so excited about his gains that he offered to make me an OT3. So he audited me on this. This did not work so well and after that I only lurked on some yahoo groups and did some reading of stuff I downloaded from the internet. Felt it did not work for me. Over the past 6 months I began reading that in Indiana there was an experienced author and a place offering to audit and fix up people who had bad auditing. The Mid West Tech Center and Frank Davis from there. Slowly and cautiously I got in contact with him on the internet and finally talked myself into going for a visit. While there for 3 days I got the idea that it would be okay to try again. He made sure on the no drugs part before I came down. We did an interview, then he did a list of a lot of questions. Now I feel good about auditing and not like a loser. I know now what the books were talking about and wanting more. I will be back. got to, I already paid for more auditing. Want to be a winner? Do it.

— Howie

Success from MidwestTechCenter on 12/05 at 04:30 PM


LETTRE DE SUCCÈS, OT III Et voilà! C’est fait ! J’ai pu attester OT 3 ! J’avoue que je ne m’y attendais vraiment pas aujourd’hui ! He bien du coup je ne sais plus quoi dire ! Le temps de rassembler mes esprits !...Bon, c’est vrai que c’est un sacré niveau ! J’ai pas l’impression d’avoir beaucoup changé…ça s’est fait si lentement ! Et pourtant, si je regarde comment j’étais et me sentais il y a à peine 2 ou 3 ans….Le changement est considérable ! Je me sens beaucoup plus « certain » de moi, beaucoup plus sûr, beaucoup plus stable, fiable et…appréciable ! J’accorde l’être aux autres bien plus facilement, et j’ai le sentiment de comprendre beaucoup mieux la vie, les choses et les êtres qu’avant. Les gens et la vie peuvent être agités tout autour, cela ne m’atteint pas…Donc, c’est certain : ce niveau est crucial, et il m’a beaucoup apporté. Je pourrais en faire des tartines, mais il faut que je puisse être compris par des lecteurs qui n’ont pas encore fait ce « mur du feu ». Alors voilà. Il y a encore beaucoup de choses à dire, mais je préfère m’arrêter là… Merci donc à tous ceux qui m’ont permis d’y arriver ! Ron, bien sûr, mais aussi le Captain Bill, et évidemment Max, Erica, Yvan et Mélinda ! Merci infiniment et bravo pour ce que vous faites…Merci, merci, merci… ! ARC, MS Bern, 15 Sep 2008

— Ron's Org Bern

Success from Ron's Org Grenchen on 09/15 at 03:52 PM


After my session with roppa, recalling various pain periods of my life (2 grandmothers' deaths and a push bike accident). I now feel I am glowing with sunshine, very happy and relaxed.

— BJ

Success from roppa on 09/05 at 08:14 PM

Purification Rundown

Erfolgsbericht – Detox

Vorweg ein paar Daten zu mir und der Ausgangsbasis zu diesem Purif.
Ich bin 47 Jahre und habe beruflich mit Entschlackungsbehandlungen, Kosmetik und Massagen zu tun.
Bereits mit 6 Jahren hatte ich die erste Operation, danach folgten über die Jahre 4 weitere, 3 davon waren größere OP´s.
2001 hatte ich Dickdarmkrebs mit OP und anschließender Chemotherapie. Die Chemotherapie dauerte 6 Monate und war recht anstrengend. Ich wusste damals schon einiges über Entgiftung, Übersäuerung und dergleichen, da ich kurz vorher eine Heilpraktiker-Ausbildung machte. Über Vitamine selbst, wusste ich noch nicht soviel. Während der Pausen in der Chemozeit, machte ich also alles was ich wusste, um den Körper zu entgiften.
Dazu gehörte Sport, Sauna, Schwimmen, basische Bäder, spazieren gehen und ausruhen. Ich achtete auf´s Essen, trank Wasser und Kräutertee, nahm Spirulina-Algen und Vitamine in Kräuterform. Kurz, ich tat alles, was mir gut tat und mich unterstützte die Chemo so gut wie möglich zu überstehen. Ich schaffte das auch gut und ging während der Pausen zwischen den Chemo´s in meinen Spa-Bereich im Hotel (den ich damals selbstständig geleitet habe und Behandlungen anbot) arbeiten. Danach folgten noch einige Darmspiegelungen, immer mit einem Betäubungsmittel.
Nun einige Jahre später habe ich mich entschlossen den Purif zu machen. Ich dachte, na ja, ich habe schon viel ausgeleitet damals. Da kann sicher nicht mehr so viel kommen. Ich war schon sicher, das etwas noch kommt, aber ich glaubte, es ist schon viel weg.
Tja, ich dachte!
Was ich während der letzten 3 Wochen erlebte, versetzte mich in totales Erstaunen.
Ich bekam alles, Betäubungsmittel, Chemo noch einmal richtig präsentiert.
Wow, was für eine Überraschung!
Ich war sehr überrascht, das ich die Sachen die hochkamen, so genau identifizieren konnte. Ich konnte genau sagen, das war jetzt ein Stück von der Chemo, Kaiserschnittgeburt meines Sohnes, Betäubungsmittel Sonnenbrand usw. Es ist fantastisch, wie mit jedem Tag ein weiteres Stück abgebaut wurde.
Ich hatte sogar, je nachdem was dran war, die gleichen Gedanken und Empfindungen, wie zur damaligen Zeit, als das Ereignis tatsächlich stattfand.
Das war eine gewaltige Überraschung für mich und so toll.
Es ist ein ganzes Stück Arbeit gewesen, das durchzuhalten, aber es hat sich sehhhhhhhhr gelohnt.
Ich habe während dieser Zeit große und kleine Gewinne erhalten, doch die größte Erkenntnis, die ich hier mitgenommen habe, ist:
Der Purif ist mit nichts, wirklich mit nichts, was mit Entschlackung- und Entgiftungsbehandlungen und Kuren zu tun hat, zu vergleichen!!!!!!!!!
Der Purif ist etwas ganz eigenständiges und anderes als alles, was ich bis hierher erlebt und kennen gelernt habe.
Ich kann nur jedem empfehlen, mindestens 1 x im Leben den Purif zu machen!!!
Ich für mich, kann nur sagen: Ich bin jetzt wach, ich war es vorher nicht, ich glaubte es nur!!!!!
Ich möchte mich an dieser Stelle ganz ganz herzlich bei der Rons Org Bern, bei meinem Betreuer, DH, meinem Twin, Werner Keller für die absolut super gute Betreuung, bei der es auch nicht an Witz und Humor fehlte, bedanken.
Ihr habt super gute Arbeit geleistet, danke das ihr solange mit mir durchgehalten und mich immer wieder motiviert habt. Vielen herzlichen Dank!!!!

Bern, 28. Juli 2008 Rosemarie Keller

— Ron's Org Bern

Success from Ron's Org Grenchen on 09/04 at 07:14 PM


Today I attested CLEAR!!! A fabulous experience that I must reveal to you all. When I started in Scientology and have read Dianetics a couple of times I got the idea that this apparently beautiful state mental freedom would be hard to get. Only achievable for a happy few. How wrong I was. After actively joining Ron’s Org in Frankfurt and my good friend Jan had audited me on grade II, I started on grade III. These sessions were running great when somewhere in the final sections of the Grade III processes we hit “solid rock” and massive mass was blown that was kept in place by a very “fine” service fac that blew at the same time. We finalised the Grade III processes with great wins, but since that very moment something definitely had changed for the best. With great energy and interest I continued with my auditor Beate on the grade IV processes. Something in my mind was stirring and at a certain moment in session I got this enormous realisation and cognition of how service facs had been controlling my daily routines and functioning and all of a sudden the whole picture and all its masses blew and I felt FREEDOM. What a wonderful feeling. I knew suddenly I was clear and the next few weeks I experienced like floating on a cloud in the air, being able to look at anything without any worry at all, still enjoying this gigantic win. Today on June 8, 2008 exactly 55 years after I was born, I attested CLEAR after having gone through the required steps for clear certainty. The best birthday present anyone ever could have given me. This is what makes it extra special to me and I can only say how happy I am that I have decided to continue on the “road to clear” and the narrow highway that is called ‘THE BRIDGE” To all who have gone this path, you probably know what I am talking about. To those yet to go: do not hesitate but do it! Thanks to everybody, especially Beate, who made this wonder happen. ARC and much love P.K.

— P.K.

Success from Ron's Org Frankfurt on 08/11 at 09:23 PM


With the completion of the Grade, the potential is here, no longer there, to make those necessary changes in my life which shall positively effect myself, along with those along my dynamics. In order to move forward, achieving goals, I will use my power and should I become "bogged down" the power is there to more quickly move out and continue on. The gains I have made are wonderful and came with the help of my auditor Erica, who I want to thank. The journey continues, but I am in the saddle again. – SL, Feb 12, 2007

— Erica Hauri

Success from Ron's Org Grenchen on 08/03 at 07:59 PM


Erfolgsbericht Excalibur:
Es ist wundervoll zu erleben. Ich bin jetzt wirklich wieder ein freies Wesen und noch viel glücklicher als vorher. Es ist sehr interessant zu sehen, am Ende von OT III dachte ich: " Es geht mir so gut, besser kann es einem gar nicht gehen!" Jetzt denke ich, "Wie habe ich das nur all die Jahre ausgehalten.". Ich fühle mich mindestens fünf Tonnen leichter.
Ich möchte mich bedanken bei meinem wundervollen CS Erica. Die mich so gut unterstützt hat. Und Danke an Melinda und Yvan für die Drills und das auschecken.
Ein ganz grosses Dankeschön an Ron und Bill. Sie sind einfach ein starkes Team. Mir ist auf der Stufe aufgefallen, wie wichtig es ist eine starke Gruppe zu haben, die einen unterstützt. Ich habe das Glück Teil einer wunderbaren Gruppe sein zu dürfen.
Ich freue mich auf die nächste Stufe.
Bern, den 27.12.07

— Solo

Success from Ron's Org Grenchen on 08/03 at 09:49 AM



Dies war vielleicht das ungewöhnlichste Auditing, das ich je hatte. Der Prozess läuft so vor sich hin mit seinen Höhen und Tiefen und dann - plötzlich, wie magisch - kommt das EP, wie es im Bulletin beschrieben ist. Eine erstaunliche Erfahrung, und diese Prozess haben wirklich Power!
Diese Stufe hat mein Vertrauen in die Tech wirklich bekräftigt.
Danke an meinen Auditor und meinen C/S, die sich mit mir auf das „Abenteuer" eingelassen haben und natürlich an LRH.

O, 20. Mai 2007

— Erica Hauri

Success from Ron's Org Grenchen on 08/03 at 09:44 AM

Method 1


Ladies and gentlemen, I had every expectation that M1 would be about as exciting as a trip to the library to visit with the dictionaries. For those not familiar with Method One word clearing, it is clearing all words in all subjects studied. Following the assessment of my subject list, it took about one auditing command for me to understand this was not going to be a trip to my local library ... not exactly!

I came upon understandings above and beyond anything I had known before. Not data! Understandings, and direct knowing. When I hit the end phenomenon, I knew it. I don’t believe I have ever been so certain of an EP in my life. It is a bursting, insistent, expansive win, and it continues to bubble. Anyone who has wondered about doing M1 as an OT, do it!
The unknowns in my world, are now curiosity and comprehension. Even the most ordinary fixtures of society are seen in their entirety, wherever I choose to look. How can one express that there are no barriers to understanding, and expect another to comprehend that simplicity?

Spectacular also describes the auditing I received from a guy known as Les Warren. There is something I want everyone to get, and it is very simple, and it is very good. Les is completely an Auditor. It was only after my completion and attest that it struck me how entirely transparent my auditing had been. There were no mistakes, every item was tracked down, every word cleared, and everything proceeded as I might have wished. As I - me, myself, and I - might have wished. Every cognition was validated. Every win was validated. It was only afterwards that I realized how very duplicated I had been all along the way. How very open I had been. How clean and welcoming the space I had been in was. All were my cognitions, my wins, entirely. I occupied my space in total freedom. And it was all so subtle, so transparent, that I had to turn around and really look, to see it. Completely flubless, completely there, completely done!

Les, thank you for a great M1. Thank you for your knowledge and auditing. Thank you for allowing me to be as I wish, and have my wins! Not meaning to evaluate, but ... you are spectacular.

Thank you Ron, for all the astounding wealth and diversity of tech. Words cannot express thanks for your tremendous gift. I hope to learn to use it all to audit and give others the opportunity to realize more about themselves and their infinite potential relationships to others, to themselves, and to Creation. I had long sought to grasp the relationships between art, creation, truth, and being. Now, I have my answers in hand. At my volition, whenever I choose, I am able to look at another and see the incredible creations of beings all around me - the being herself, himself.

Thank you all in the FZ for your perseverance, your courage, in making this all possible, again. I wish each and every one of all of you would stop for a moment and take a look, just for a moment, look at the life in you today, and get just a glimpse of how truly incredible you are, in your creation. Good or evil, happy or sad, you boggle the imagination.

Of course, I’m here, too. And believe me, with all due respect to your Grandmother, this M1 was not your Grandmother’s trip to the library!:-) Life itself has become, in a word, spectacular, to me.

— George.

Success from on 07/28 at 01:28 PM
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I have just completed the OT 3 Redo. After having had big wins already on OT 2 – 20 years after the first time I did it – the same is true, even more so, after the completion of OT 3. Within ca. 40 hours of auditing I could complete a lot of open cycles, covering immense time periods. The result is real calmness and the certainty to finally have completed this level, too. The gain in personal freedom is enormous, and as always on these levels this is not just a first dynamic experience. Once more I realized how important a “clean slate” is to make efficient communication. As well as the importance to walk forward on the bridge with unimpaired intention, without duress and pushing. Again and again it is impressive that we have this chance here and now to handle our time-track. Especially the broad information on the background of OT 3 rendered by Captain Bill gives quite a different reality than the one I had before. Now I really understood how things connect on the time-track and could sort out many earlier factors. Besides realizing what is going wrong in this Sector I also understood the reasons that brought me here, in a much wider context. Now I can really estimate the wins that were given to me during the past 20 years. This is just great. My thanks go to Ron, Captain Bill, Otfried for his professional support and all “orgers” who helped me in this step. ARC, R.W.

— R.W.

Success from Ron's Org Frankfurt on 07/27 at 09:19 PM

Purification Rundown

I came here to Florida with a question, and the answer--no matter what it was--would change my life indefinitely. I was uncomfortable in my own body: it was female, and I just had to be male. I was a straight woman, but felt deep down that I was a gay man. I decided, with the help of my parents, to get auditing before I did anything drastic (taking hormones and getting SRS: Sexual Reassignment Surgery). I didn't need my parents to push me into getting help. In all truth, I was on the fence--the worst place to be. I had three choices: begin the transition, continue pretending to be female, or destroy myself. I would feel griefy when I knew I shouldn't, and seeing pictures of handsome guys only turned up the volume on the feeling. When I wore girls' clothes it was more like for show: I usually dressed up as a girl for Halloween (the scariest thing I could become). The only time I seriously considered dressing as a girl was the time when I put on a dress and was reduced to be a pile of teary, depressed muck on my bedroom floor. I didn't leave my room until I was in 'suitable' mens' clothes. The only girl I could be was a crossdressing man. I watched 'The Secret' and asked the universe, with every fiber of my being, to make this uninhabitable body male somehow (it worked in a way: after that postulate I came across a LOT of information on FTM transitioning). I remember finding a transman online who had gone through his transition and I would cry just looking at his pictures (it was hard to believe he was ever female--all traces of his feminity were washed away by hormone therapy and 'top surgery,' and he looked amazing). I looked up 'transman' and 'FTM', eventually finding Hudson's FTM Guide. Whenever I talked about it to friends, I would get excited. It seemed like I had hope. "I knew I was a girl, but I also knew that I would grow up to be a man--it was the only thing that made sense at the time. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a boy. When I thought about myself, I was a boy. I felt the irresistable urge to correct people when they called me by feminine pronouns (she/her), and I often did. Most of my friends got used to it, often referring to me as 'he.' My best friend was in medical school and told me she would help me give myself testosterone (via bimonthly intramuscular injection). People who knew me called me by 'he/his,' and most strangers simply guessed or avoided using either pronoun. I masculinized my name was was determined to change it legally. I wore an Ace bandage around my chest, and cut my hair short. I wore only men's clothes. Still, I had the feeling that maybe--just MAYBE--I would realize something during my auditing and I would change my mind. And that's precisely what happened. Auditing was originally proposed by my parents, but I had no objections whatsoever. And so began my journey to 'find myself.' I travelled across the country by plane to see my auditor. What I sought became known as my 'answer.' In about eight hours, I went from San Fransico to Tampa. I became set on deciding for myself which path I would go down, narrowing my options down to two: become a man or a woman. I started off with the Purification Rundown. That was a trip. Cramps that I used to get in my feet vanished (with the help of CalMag), and I looked and felt healthier. My IQ rose twelve points, hitting 134. I was never one to get pulled into using drugs (in fact, my smoking friends didn't even allow me to hold a cigarette), so my slate was clean besides some second-hand smoke and a few medical drugs. Needless to say, I came out of the Purif sqeaky clean and ready to face TR's head-on. Towards the end of my Purif, I began the TR's. I realized during OT TR 0 how 'far away' I really was. It was incredibly beneficial, and I know it will help me do a whole lot better in my Speech class next semester. I wasn't staring off into space when I spoke to people, and although I still speak slowly I no longer lose my train of thought at the slightest distraction (which used to happen more often than I'm willing to admit). I had a super fun twin and an amazingly patient supervisor. I came up through OT TR 0 all the way to TR 9. After I completed my TR's, the first person I used my newly aquired skills (Tone 40, mostly) on wasn't even a person: it was a squirrel I was trying to photograph at the Lowry Park Zoo. It's a great picture, by the way. After the TR's, I jumped straight into session with Les, my auditor. It was a truly mind-blowing, life changing, incredible experience that wrenched my 'answer' right up from the depths of my mind. In the end, my problem was a past life incident! It seems so silly afterwards. I felt the weight lift from my shoulders, and finally I could breathe (removing the Ace bandage helped with this too). The depressing grief I used to feel left and didn't come back. Les, Anita, and even the other preclears around the house were so, so, so supportive. Anita took me shopping (for the 'real test'), and when I tried on girls' clothes... voila! No pain, no grief. The sky wasn't falling, and the walls were still solid. I didn't grow antenae or an extra set of arms. I was right there, admiring my female body in clothes that actually fit. For the next few days, I only wore girls' clothes, and not only was I fine with it, I actually enjoyed it. I texted my friend in medical school and carefully told her that I wasn't going to transition. The message she sent back to me was: 'As long as you feel better about yourself that's all that matters to me.' I also broke the news to my online penpal and best friend (who knows me only as a gay man), and she accepted me as I truly am much better than I expected (she's still my super awesome best friend for life!). I haven't told many other people, but I'm expecting the worst and hoping for the best. But I know now that it's not anyone's decision but mine.

— RS

Success from on 06/29 at 04:34 PM
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Purification Rundown

I came here at the worst bottom of my life. I have lost my kids (my pride and joy). I had been arrested and put in jail for 6 days for something I only half remember doing because I was on so many pills I was in a fog. I came here without anywhere else to go. I have hurt everyone I love and myself even worse. I knew I had, and have, real pain but I thought only the pills would make it better. I never believed there could be another answer. I went through the Purification Program and I feel like a different person. The first few days I felt everything. I smelled pot. I thought a towel was talking to me (acid). I got nausea and I got tired a lot. The niacin (a vitamin required on the program) made me look like I had an allergy. At times it was from head to toe! On the next to the last day I started to feel clearer and then that night I slept like a baby. I really couldn't wait to get into the sauna (for 5 hours was I crazy?) on the final day. More than half way through that 5 hours I had this feeling come over me--I realized that the black cloud that used to be over my mind and body was completely gone! I was happy almost giddy! I felt so good I can't imagine putting anything into my body again! I feel like a new woman!

— HW

Success from on 06/29 at 04:31 PM
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Today I attested to the State of Clear and it's really great to be validated that I am cause over mental MEST. Wow. The world is a lot more fun and it's just like when I was little and free and innocent. Things are smooth and fun and it's great to be alive--I know I will continue to be--and nothing can ever stop that! Wow-the world is my oyster-I can do anything I decide to do and this feeling of win is something that everyone deserves to have.

— G.D.

Success from thetagal on 06/11 at 05:32 AM
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Grade 4

Success Story...I've received wonderful auditing on Grade IV and feel I have fully gotten the desired end results. Pat did a wonderful job! And thanks to Ron. My affinity for mankind has risen to wonderful new heights. P.S It's so nice to observe charge releasing!!

— MB

Success from thetagal on 06/11 at 05:30 AM
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Grade 4

Grade 4 gave me a strong appreciation of computations and service fascimilies as they applied not only to me but to others. This should make me bettr able to be successful in Dianetic auditing to Clear. Chuckles is still chuckling --:)

— C.J (Chuckles)

Success from thetagal on 06/11 at 05:27 AM
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