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Just how much effert does one need?
I think, enough to make an effect. And if your not making the desired effect, then maybe you need to re-think exactly what your doing. Auditing inspires understanding.. In fact, it does not work in any other form.

The question I often ask, “is life big enough for you? Are you using all of your potiential?”

Well, auditing will expose more!
Thats what LRH promised. He never let us down. not once.
Posted by chris parker on 10/29 at 12:02 AM

The way I see it

Many people who have been in the Church, have ended up on the outside with distinctly negative feelings about their experience.

In my many years as an auditor, I would quite often recover people who had fallen off of the Bridge. Typically they had mixed feelings about Scientology. That is, they had had good and bad experiences. These good/bad experiences may have occurred regarding their auditing, being on staff, or just as a student.

I would handle this by doing appropriate correction lists and simple actions such as ruds or an L1C on charged terminals or charged areas. People would typically get great wins from this, but what was most interesting was that the wins they were getting weren’t from the auditing I was doing on them. They were getting the full impact of wins that they had gotten previously in their auditing or training that were obscured and nullified by the charge that they also had associated with it.

I noticed this subjectively myself at one point when as a pc I was asked about every auditor that had audited me, and after an L1C was done on each reading one, I suddenly had lots of case gain that was not apparent previously. Not only that, but it also improved me as an auditor, because I had subjective reality on everything that the auditors had done that had bypassed charge on me, whether I really noticed it at the time or not.

Anyone that has been in Scientology for any length of time, anyone who has done some bridge or some training, is smarter and stronger as a result. However, to the extent that the entire experience has been layered over with restimulated charge, these wins will be compromised and not manifesting in life. A few hours of targetted auditing will clean up lots of bypassed charge and restore to you all the positive things that were gained. Whatever your experience with Scientology and the Church, it can be cleaned up to a point where you don’t have attention on it anymore. You’d be surprised how good that feels.

Posted by Trey on 12/14 at 04:24 PM
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Pierre Ethier gave a talk

While up in Scotland recently I had the pleasure of meeting Pierre Ethier. As good luck would have it he was giving a lecture about his experiences with scientology, the freezone (free zone, )the church, and many other things.


Posted by roppa on 11/19 at 08:13 AM
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Freezone (free zone) event 2008

Despite the feeble attempts by those who oppose freedom to prevent the application of our philosophy the 7th Annual FZ Convention will be happening at Reno, Nevada in October. The event is now $195.00 for two days and includes processing toward Theta Clearing on the Saturday night and also Sunday evening for those who stay over.So anyone wanting group auditing toward Theta Clearing…this is a great opportunity. With personal auditing costing around $100 an hour, a lot of case change can occur on this group auditing. This alone is worth the cost of the event!!

Get in touch via the “Contact us” link at the top of the page if you are interested.

Posted by roppa on 09/20 at 09:01 AM
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David mayo talk on disillusionment

Here is a great talk by David Mayo on disillusionment:

Posted by roppa on 09/17 at 08:25 PM
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Services Delivered


He is a list of the training and auditing activities we like to do here in Cebu and Bohol.

Please visit our main blog for further information and updates.



Major services delivered:

Purif if needed.

Key to Life if wanted.

Student Hat if needed.

Repair of past auditing if needed.

Life Repair auditing if needed.

Objectives and Life Lessons.

Trs and Metering drilled to perfection.

Auditing Grades through to NED and Clear.

Training Levels through to Grad V Auditor.

All repair actions for advanced students.

SOLO 1 Course and study through OT Levels.

Attention is on the Alternate Route and Clear.

Focus is on confidence in knowledge and expert metering.

Other readings available: TROM, Spiritology, Excalibur, Prometheus, Clearbird, Pilots material etc.

Scientology Lecture and Tape Sessions and studies of Scientology Basic Books and Drills.

Please feel free to contact me by email or skype to just have a chat or plan your visit for fun in the sun and an auditing holiday.

Stay for a month or stay for a year, it is up to you!

Posted by Flag_2005 on 09/09 at 11:43 AM
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Understanding How to Apply the Technology of Scientology

This is perhaps an oversimplification, but it gives a starting point
to new auditors who are only clued into whatever they have studied so
far. That may be books or some basic auditing courses.

Elementary, my dear Watson

Essentially there are two types of cases, easy cases and resistive

Easy cases, needless to say, are easy to handle. It won’t really
matter on an easy case, which of the many bridges* you decide to
apply. If they get the Grades first, that will be fine. If they get
Dianetics first, that will be fine. The easy case makes gains, and
they continue up any given bridge with the greatest of ease. Your
only job is to keep them moving on whichever bridge you choose, and
to audit with the Auditor’s Code in.

Resistive cases take special handling. Remember it is the case that
resists, not the preclear. And it is not that difficult, because
there are a limited number of subjects that can bring about a
resistive case. Most of those are on a “special cases” list, with
instructions on how to handle. You do need to be a Class III* auditor
and a NED auditor to handle the special cases assessment list.

The other things that can make a resistive case are missing grades.
It is difficult to handle a case, for example, who can’t talk to

Determining—Easy Case or Resistive Case?

If you are new to auditing others, you certainly want to start with
an easy case! You will get wins and your pc will flourish. If you
must start with a resistive-type case, then make sure you are a Class
III auditor and have a Class VIII case supervisor.

With that advice now stated, an easy case can run engrams.* Assuming
the person knows what the word “engram” is you can have the pc close
his eyes, and, first book style, tell him that when you snap your
fingers the file clerk* will present the engram necessary to resolve
the case…SNAP…ok, what year is it? SNAP…and move the somatic strip*
through the incident until it erases, or run earlier similar engram
if necessary.

After a few passes through the pc is smiling and happy and tells you
what he has discovered, and how that changes his life! Easy case!

Compare this to a pc who has an engram, and you run it through time
and again, there is no earlier incident, there is no earlier
beginning to the incident, and ninety five times through and the pc
hasn’t moved on the tone scale. That is hasn’t hit low emotional
points, then higher emotional points…pc is still interested—just
nothing happening. Resistive case. Solution: Turn this case over
to a Class VIII c/s for repair and he/she will program to handle the

Other Ways to Recognize a Resistive Case

I repeat, it is not the pc’s fault that he has a resistive case. It
takes a lot of patience and skilled auditing to handle such a case.
Get yourself trained as a Class III and NED auditor.

You can sometimes recognize when you have a case that would resist
just by knowing a bit of the pre-clear’s history. Most common, did
he take drugs? Drugs make a resistive case, especially street
drugs. There is a program called the Purification Rundown, followed
by objective process (outward processes, like “Look at that wall” as
compared to subjective processes like “recall a time you saw a wall”)
followed by what is called the “Drug Rundown.” A NED auditor can
give a Drug Rundown.

So you ask your potential preclear “Did you take street drugs?” If
yes, chances are his case will start resisting as you try to audit
it, if you audit it on anything else but drug engrams. As a new
auditor, you don’t want to set yourself up for failures and then
believe that the tech doesn’t work. The tech always works, but you
have to use the correct tech for the correct type of case.

It isn’t that much different from fixing a car—do you need a
screwdriver, or a hoist to lift the engine out? Use the correct tool
for the right problem area. A Case Supervisor gets the data so that
he/she can determine the right problem area so the correct process
(tool) can be used.

What Can a New Auditor Do?

The safest route for you as a new auditor and your preclear to take
is to work with a book such as Self Analysis. Both the auditor and
the pc read the book, especially the part that describes what you
will be doing. It starts with “List One”. Chances are if your
preclear runs well on Self Analysis he/she is an easy case.

What is running well? Pc is interested in at least most of the
questions, finds incidents easily, likes to share the experience with
the auditor, brightens up from time to time. Likes the auditing and
wants to do more.

Another book to use when working with a new preclear is Handbook for
Preclears. Both the auditor and preclear should read the book before
doing any of the questions or commands, so there is an agreement on
what they are doing. Handbook for Preclears is a very powerful book
and anyone who can do what the books says to do is certainly an “easy

These books take some of the charge off the case, and can make
running Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health a lot easier
to do.



Bridge: Short for “Classification and Gradation Chart.” There are
two sides to the bridge, one for auditors in training, and one side
for the preclear so he can move into higher states of being step-by-

Class III: A Class 0 is a beginning auditor; a Class III has learned
how to do many things a Class 0 isn’t trained to do. Class VIII is
an auditor who is very highly trained.

Engram: An incident of pain and/or unconsciousness, that contains
impact or injury. It often contains command value, such as “stay
right here” which keeps the preclear in the incident, or “get out of
here” which bounces the preclear out of the engram.

File Clerk: Term used in Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental
Health to help the new auditor handle the mind of the preclear.

Somatic Strip: Term used in Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental
Health to help the new auditor handle the mind of the preclear.

Posted by thetagal on 09/08 at 09:53 PM
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non-confidential briefing on the bridges

Rey Robles kindly give us a talk on the verious bridge versions over the years. He also talks about some of the technical degrades that have permeated the bridge versions. Rey kindly gave a talk when he was last here in WA. He brings up many important points, lots of food for thought.

Posted by roppa on 09/08 at 09:35 PM

The Ron’s Org Committee was founded in the year 2004 as it became obvious that the Orgs and Field Auditors both needed an umbrella organization: not necessarily to be protected, but for them to have (a) an organization to which they belong, and (b) an organization which can organize matters which a single Org or Field Auditor might need but wouldn’t take care of for themselves because the resources they have are too small. An important point was also “just to have a Third Dynamic”, to be part of a group: not having the feeling of being lost in the big wide world.
What also has to be understood is that our evil enemies will do – and have been doing – everything in their power to keep us separated and split, and to make sure we are not organized at all. In order to grow, Scientology needs to be a certain size: if that critical mass is below a certain size the fire will not really burn. If it has reached a certain size, it’s going to expand explosively, as it did in the seventies.
Scientologists all over the planet have to associate, have to become friends and have to work together in shoulder to shoulder activity, and shouldn’t separate – or allow themselves to become separated – because of real or imagined differences, because of real or imagined ARC breaks.
The Ron’s Org Committee started with giving a definition of what a Ron’s Org (RO) or a Ron’s Org Field Auditor (ROFA) is (please see the appendix for details). The definition is maintained quite broadly, though it might look rigid at the first glance. But this definition can get condensed and yet still be totally true by simply saying:
“A RO or ROFA adheres to the tech LRH has given to us.”
It is true that the RO also delivers OT levels which are above OT 8. These were given to us by CBR, Captain Bill Robertson, who deserves a huge acknowledgement because without him the RO and very many orgs you know today wouldn’t exist at all. And personally I have to admit that because of these levels he gave us we are able to deliver at all. Without CBR it could be that there wouldn’t be a Free Zone worth naming as such. And it’s worth mentioning – although CBR rarely spoke about it – that LRH himself gave him this special mission to do.
By all that I do not want to give you the impression that the ROs are “OT level happy”. The ROC very much stresses the non-confidential tech that LRH has given us, mainly in the period from 1950 to 1975. Personally my view is that this is what Scientology consists of. The OT levels are important, but if you would ask me to put that into a relationship with the lower level tech I would say the OT levels become a very small percentage of the whole.
However, it’s also worth saying that the OT levels make full use of those basics and are totally built upon that foundation; in fact, once one understands the tech fully, the OT levels – especially the higher OT levels! – have their workability at a level of simplicity which is fully based on totally fundamental concepts whichin almost all cases were worked out by LRH in the early 1950s. The tech is the tech, and is powerful at all levels, including the most basic: we particularly emphasise the value of Dianetics and the Grades, properly applied. LRH himself said that flying the ruds could create a result which would be the equivalent of ten years of psychoanalysis! Many Scientologists know and understand this very well from their own direct experience.
The real “meat” is on the all the tapes, books, HCOBs, HCOPLs, etc.
The ROC stresses the fact of training very, very strongly. If there is no Course Room with tough standard study tech – Scientology is gone, lost, end of cycle. Writing the tech anew under another name is not only a crime per Scientology Ethics – but you will lose Scientology in a very short time. A standard Course Room consists of word clearing with a word clearer, checkouts – a lot of checkouts! – an excellent, dedicated, well-trained supervisor, and last but not least uses all the original issues of LRH. These include also the unrevised materials so a professional auditor can track how something has been developed, and it contains the BTBs and BPLs so that he or she can trace back what has been changed, differentiating what was originally by LRH and what somebody else has written.
By reading that you might have got the impression that the ROC does not accept other writers. This is not the case. ROs can have books of other writers: for instance, we promote the books of Ruth Minshull, Pete Gillham, and others. But this are not Div 4 training materials: this is Div 6, a bridge to the Bridge. When we train auditors or C/Ses we give them original materials by LRH. And this is, by the way, what they want. They are here to study LRH.
A standard Course Room is the backbone of Scientology, and of course of the ROs.

Posted by Ron's Org Grenchen on 08/03 at 09:01 AM
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OT III Success

OT wins on OT III

OT III Success

What does it mean to me to be OT III?

Space: - That’s the first thing that comes to mind.  Big space.  And not only is my space much bigger, it’s clean, unencumbered, free theta.  I am no longer anchored in my body. 

Affinity: - I have this big space filled with affinity for life and living.  It simply bubbles over.  It’s wonderful. 

One example:  The other day at work was one of the most trying to date in terms of tight deadlines, HE&R all over the place.  And me, I’m just being in my space, working away, getting lots done and smiling.  My boss came up to me at one point with a little twinkle in his eyes and says “Kathy, you’re just way too happy!” 

Another example:  Yesterday I was sitting on my balcony, enjoying nature and my beautiful environment.  I was intent on watching the trees swaying in the breeze and suddenly I was the trees.  I was being the trees, occupying the same space.  The feeling of love and affinity was indescribable!

Reality: - I have a much greater reality on the 7th dynamic and what is truly out there.  I know with a new level of certainty who I am, where I am and where I am going.  I recognize with a new level of certainty what charge is mine and what belongs to another.  I recognize a whole new realm of possibilities and potential never before even dreamed of.  It amazes me that something will occur in my universe that before would have had me in antagonism or lower and now doesn’t even faze me. 

Communication: - My level of communication has improved greatly, plus I now have certainty on my ability to communicate telepathically.

Understanding: - All of this has resulted in a far greater understanding of life and the games being played both on this planet and elsewhere in the universe.

Freedom from overwhelm: - I now know with certainty that I can handle, through solo auditing, any case phenomena that may come up, and that such case phenomena will no longer overwhelm me.  It’s the recognition I spoke of earlier – detection, recognition and handling. 

And for all this I have to first thank Frankie for being the most awesome C/S on the planet.  No matter what came up during the level, Frankie was there with the most spot on C/S that always handled exactly the item needing to be handled, resulting in my coming out of session with VVGI’s and condition resolved. And always he made me take responsibility for my case so as to increase my KRC. 
Thank you Frankie.  You rock!

And thank you, Tim.  He’s been nudging me (well let’s be honest, shoving me sometimes) up the Bridge for more than 30 years now, and truthfully, without his TR 3, I’m not sure I would have come this far.  So thank you Tim.

Thank you Ron.  I never dreamed such wins were possible.  Thank you for putting the Bridge there for us.  I plan on making excellent use of it.

Ron says that if we deliver what’s promised, the pc will always be ready and eager for the next step.  Watch out OT, here I come!


Kathy Daigle

Posted by Franklin and Mary Freeman on 06/06 at 10:24 PM

Welcome to Freezone Auditors!

This site is dedicated to all those wishing to find out or continue their progress to higher levels of awareness.

Dianetics is not in any way covered by legislation anywhere for no law can prevent one man sitting down and telling another man his troubles, and if anyone wants a monopoly on dianetics, be assured that he wants it for reasons which have to do not with dianetics but with profit


Posted by roppa on 06/02 at 08:16 PM
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