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Freezone (free zone) event 2008

Despite the feeble attempts by those who oppose freedom to prevent the application of our philosophy the 7th Annual FZ Convention will be happening at Reno, Nevada in October. The event is now $195.00 for two days and includes processing toward Theta Clearing on the Saturday night and also Sunday evening for those who stay over.So anyone wanting group auditing toward Theta Clearing…this is a great opportunity. With personal auditing costing around $100 an hour, a lot of case change can occur on this group auditing. This alone is worth the cost of the event!!

Get in touch via the “Contact us” link at the top of the page if you are interested.

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Services Delivered


He is a list of the training and auditing activities we like to do here in Cebu and Bohol.

Please visit our main blog for further information and updates.



Major services delivered:

Purif if needed.

Key to Life if wanted.

Student Hat if needed.

Repair of past auditing if needed.

Life Repair auditing if needed.

Objectives and Life Lessons.

Trs and Metering drilled to perfection.

Auditing Grades through to NED and Clear.

Training Levels through to Grad V Auditor.

All repair actions for advanced students.

SOLO 1 Course and study through OT Levels.

Attention is on the Alternate Route and Clear.

Focus is on confidence in knowledge and expert metering.

Other readings available: TROM, Spiritology, Excalibur, Prometheus, Clearbird, Pilots material etc.

Scientology Lecture and Tape Sessions and studies of Scientology Basic Books and Drills.

Please feel free to contact me by email or skype to just have a chat or plan your visit for fun in the sun and an auditing holiday.

Stay for a month or stay for a year, it is up to you!

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