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Admin Scale Counseling

During the 2009 FreeZone conference I gave a talk on delivering the Admin Scale. Here is a link to the video footage:

Posted by Trey on 11/16 at 11:50 AM
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Are you really shure about the meaning of “source”?

There is a big, big misunderstood about “source” and “no-source”...
It comes from LRH Power Processes.
Be prepared because the correct interpretation & processing of Power Process number 4 (Source) on yourself, will change or re-direct dramatically your own progress…

Tech Dictionary:
“SOURCE, 1. the point of origin, or it would be the originator, or where something was begun or dreamed up or mocked up. (Class VIII, No. 18) 2 . that from which something comes or develops; place of origin: cause. (HCOB 11 May 65).”

... any “point of origin” will need by force ‘space’. And if it is ‘located’, then it exists in the MEST universe. If you’re agree with this, then read the next definition (also from the Tech Dict):

Definition: a Life Static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time. It has the ability to postulate and to perceive.”

The next paragraph is extracted from “Excalibur Revisited” by Geoffrey C. Filbert:

“I have defined the purposes, and the unfortunate misapplications, of Power Processes. The story behind them is a bit of a tragedy because L. Ron Hubbard developed these privately and he ran them on himself, and left them unflat. He’s got them backwards, and has been kind of crazy ever since 1965. Prior to that particular period in time, he seemed to be essentially rational. Since that period or time he has been essentially
irrational. His error is actually on the first process, Due to the fact that he made this error, compounded by the fact that his following in the churches are on a monkey-see- monkey-do basis, physically, mentally, and spiritually with this man, they uniformly run the processes to the same unflat point that he did.
The first process you run alternately, two commands, to EP.
Tell me a source and
Tell me a not source

You could run it the other way: What is source. and what is not source. It is preferable to use “Tell me”. You can word clear these out of a dictionary that “source” is an origin point on something. The pc will rather quickly come up with himself as source and be grinning ear to ear
over that, and have little to no understanding of not source. This is the point that L. Ron Hubbard stopped. This is the point that most church people stop on this particular process. Although, there is a floating
needle, although there is a grin on the person’s face, they still have no understanding of not source, so it is an unflat process. Of course, they have had an exactly-backwards end phenomena. You keep running the process until they get this thing straightened out, and realize that they are not source and that there are a lot of not sources out there. They start to understand the first and second axioms that they are a life static and
they will cognite that they have been identified with particular viewpoints or a singular viewpoint in the physical universe, and had actually thought they were sources, and that is a very silly and absolutely ridiculous thing to do; to identify and be a point within a matter, energy, space, time continuum, much less this one. At that point the process is flat. If you are dealing with someone who has already been run on this, and it
takes you more than two hours, and they are still not figuring it out, they are never going to figure it out. It is time to grab some dictionaries and clear the hell out of these words real well, demo kit “source” to where
they understand what the hell that means Have them read the axioms. So, this particular tragic error which seems to be uniform in folders is the reason that most people who get Power Processing cave in after it and
actually get worse.”

Posted by Ivan Torres on 05/06 at 08:29 PM
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March 24, 2012 TTA

Every day I feel better. Day by day I’m feeling more clear, safe, peaceful, happy. OT.
He could see things with incredible ease. It’s like I can easily penetrate and perceive anything. I am a new being. Although not really think I’m a new being but actually now I am the true self that was buried in an infinite BPC quarry.

Another major gain was the GPMs definitely understand. For me one of the absolute ways to start is to manage Excalibur for to handle so GPMs and all that follows after it. While all this is that there is, we cannot pretend to handle below. That’s my point of view now.

It is increasingly clear my mission, job, my life, my body, my abilities. For some time I had been Cog on my mission:  to come at the close of the current game cycle. My mission is composed of three parts: first help to close the current game cycle with respect to the planet earth since it is in automatic long time ago and long ago stopped being a game because it has too many barriers, second: Freeing beings (and this includes all beings from beings lambda, Phi and the body thetans and other thetans in other valences etc..) and creations and third Maintain and disseminate the technology.

I could not put into words how I feel well at this time. My central point of view has been expanded, and can occupy any place within or outside the MEST universe.

At this point and again I must thank the Masters tha I have had: LRH, Captain Bill. For me they are the best. I also thank those who share my life around, my husband, my children, my friends.

I really am a very lucky: I have the greatest treasure of all: “spiritual freedom”. And It is a certainty now.

In Spanish:

Cada día me siento mejor. Día a día me voy sintiendo más clara, segura, tranquila, feliz. OT.
Pudo ver las cosas con una facilidad increíble. Es como si pudiera penetrar y percibir fácilmente. Soy un nuevo ser. Aunque realmente no creo ser un nuevo ser sino que realmente ahora soy el verdadero ser que estaba enterrado dentro de una cantera infinita de carga pasada por alto.
Otra de las ganancias más importantes de sido el comprender definitivamente las GPMs. Para mí una de las maneras absolutas de empezar a manejar las GPMs es hacer Excalibur y todo lo que sigue después de él. Mientras todo este caso es que hay, no podemos pretender manejarlas por debajo de eso. Ese es mi punto de vista ahora.
Cada vez es más clara mi misión, ni trabajo, mi vida, mi cuerpo, mis capacidades. Desde hace algún tiempo venía Cognitando sobre mi misión en el cierre del ciclo del juego actual. Mi misión se compone de tres partes: primero ayudar a cerrar el ciclo de juego actual que en lo que concierne al planeta tierra está en automático hace mucho tiempo y hace mucho tiempo dejó de ser un juego porque tiene demasiadas barreras, segundo: Liberar seres (y esto abarca seres de todo tipo desde seres Phi y lambda del cuerpo, thetanes y otro tipo de thetanes en otras valencias etc.) y creaciones y tercero Mantener y diseminar la tecnología.
No pudo definir con palabras como me siento de bien en este momento. Mi punto de vista central se ha ampliado, y puede ocupar cualquier sitio dentro o fuera del universo MEST.
En este punto y de nuevo debo dar gracias a los maestros que he tenido: LRH, capitán Bill para mi los mejores. También quiero agradecer a quienes comparten mi vida de cerca, mi esposo, mis hijos, mis amigos.
Realmente soy un ser muy afortunados: tengo el mayor tesoro de todos: “la libertad espiritual. Y es una certeza.

Posted by princesahelana on 03/24 at 11:37 AM
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Midwest Tech Center, USA

A place to get audited Standardly, learn how to audit, get your auditing or training cleaned up. Tech and Admin Training, CSing, Word Clearing, Study Technology, Repair of Past Auditing, and Bridge Auditing are all available to Freezoners and new people. We are open to new people (with some knowledge of Scientology or Dianetics) as well as seaoned veterans of Scientology. Not available to RTC or OSA, they have their own terminals to go to. They are not our enemy, but we feel they have lost the correct path. We wish them well. We reserve the right to accept those we train and audit.
Posted by MidwestTechCenter on 03/16 at 12:09 AM

A Spanish Class VIII Auditor Speaks

Spanish Class VIII Auditor Speaks

My name is Aida Thomas.

I am a Class VIII Auditor from Mexico.

But I currently reside in Los Angeles.  I am a Class VIII Auditor fluent in English and Spanish.  I was born in Mexico where I studied Law before moving to the US to become an auditor. 

I got in Scientology since 1976 and contributed for many years,  however due to the bad practices of the single authority of the Church,  David Miscavige,  I left in 1996.

I am very passionate about the differentiation between the purpose and workability of the subject of Scientology and the present day enslaving tactics used by the Church. I got into Scientology to become free and to achieve higher spiritual and ethical levels.  I first found interest in Scientology because I loved the idea of past lives and other concepts that were real to me.  Prior to Scientology I was able to remember things on my own and wanted to discover new spiritual paths.

Since 1983 there has been an increasing decline of everything positive within and regarding the Church. Despite the energy, time and money people spend, the value of the services, the condition and numbers of its members and the reputation of the subject have all been on a disastrously rapid decline. Please feel free to communicate.  I will always answer all who contact me and I would love to hear the opinions of those who read this blog.  I do not mind opinions that differ from mine. However,  I will not allow those who will want to use it as a platform to attack me or rant about things that have nothing to do with this blog.

Here is the link to my blog

Thanks for being here.

Aida Thomas

(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by Aida Thomas Class 8 on 01/29 at 02:46 AM

Candy Class 8

Candy Swanson Class VIII
Posted by Candy Class 8 on 10/15 at 02:00 AM

Candy Class 8 update


I entered the subject in 1965-66 in New York City and worked at the NY Org; trained on the Special Briefing Course at Saint Hill England for my Class VI.

I worked with Ron and Mary Sue Hubbard and their children on the flagship in the late 60’s.

Was the Case cracker Review Auditor at the Advanced Organization in Los Angeles.

Was Yvonne’s Celebrity Center’s Premier Celebrity Auditor from 1970 - 1972 in Los Angeles.

HOBBY: photo historian of the early Sea Org days.



  “Dear Candy,

  After doing various Auditing processes with you over the months, I have found that certain strong reactive thoughts, emotions and desires that often possessed me at the most unpredictable times of the day and night in the past, have lost most of their intensity of late to the point of appearing not to be there at times. Because of this I can wake up most mornings and look hopefully into the future instead of revisiting the same worn out reactive demands for retaliation against those I felt attacked, hurt and inflicted by in the past.

  Also, as a result of this Auditing, I have found my memory of what has happened in the past, both short term and long term, has given me more understanding, certainty and determination to proceed into the future.  While the result of this Auditing has, in the short term, been at times enturbulating of my thoughts and emotions,  when these have settled,  I’ve usually found myself calmer, less confused and more on target than before because of it.  Because of the Auditing, various spiritual goals and purposes have become more clearer and defined.  While not perfect, it appears, based on recent results, my ability to postulate things to occur has also improved.

  While aware that I have not achieved any final destination in all this Auditing, I am more aware that I do have case to be handled and confident that with persistence and the right gradient of approach and confront, I will be able to fully triumph over it in the future.

  Warm regards and many thanks”,



  “Dear Candy,

  I want to express my appreciation to you for the most excellent work we’ve done.  Several years ago, I did a year of work with you.  Now I’m back for some additional work.

  In addition to your very high level of skill and experience, what impresses me the most is your intuitive gift of meeting me where I’m at and following me as my issues arise, shift and resolve.

  My life is much better from this work.

  Thank you very much.”





An incredible feeling!  I just had a Clear Cognition and I am a Clear!

I suddenly had lots and lots of space and felt very calm although I was very surprised to feel how much charge I had – and blew – on this Clear cognition.  But that resulted in lots of space and also certainty about many things including LRH, Scientology and the future.

Can’t thank Candy enough.  No words can describe my appreciation both toward Candy as my auditor and toward LRH!”



  “Hi Candy,
  How are you?
  I am doing great! Definitely a whole new level. I am still getting used to it and can’t totally describe things.
  There is a stable higher tone condition and I am able to pull out of any upset very quickly and think logically.
  Also it seems my postulates work better. I was also able to quickly improve my relationships with —  and parents.
  I gained some kind of calmness and understanding toward others that I never had.  That is really awesome!
  I also see things better and enjoy simple things more, like music, art or just scenery or walking.
  Additionally, I am able to calmly talk about Scientology with strangers now with great results.
  Possibly found you another PC today, maybe several. I was discussing Scientology and my auditing with a group of 5 people this morning.
  Thanks again very much for your excellent auditing!

  Best regards”,



  “An incredible change of my attitude and modus operandy [way of performing] due to the new awareness in my life.  It is like I am seeing things in a different prospective.

  I also think I am appreciating my family and my friends in a more effective manner.

  I am hoping to continue changes for the best, more action and more efficient in all aspects of my life, and this includes to help more my fellow man.”


May 4, 2011
[English as a second language]


  “My personality Profile revealed an unexpected area of personality weakness in me which had to do with taking responsibility.  It was difficult for me to agree with the test outcome that I was being robotic and not taking full responsibility for several areas of my life.

  Candy’s firm but friendly efforts to get me to come to grips with this state of affairs, including her making up some examples of how things could be that way, ultimately enabled me to see the truth of the test results.

  Candy got me to see it as no one else has been able to do.  The realization was vital for me to have before I could experience a resurgence of case gain.

  Thank you very much Candy.

  With love, Gary Hart”


“I have been receiving a battery of sessions from Candy with good results. It was coming to the point where I was having trouble finding more things to run Candy ran a session on me which dealt with this exact situation. This session went quite well and at the end of the session I find that my mind was very quite and still. In a nutshell, there was no ”background noise” going on in my mind.

  I have had this phenomena occur before in sessions but the background noise always returned a day or two later when I was subjected to the normal give and take of life.

  On this last occasion, after about 4 days, the quietness in my mind was holding up. Now its been a week and a half and my mind is still calm and silent and no background noise ever occurs. I realized a few days ago that I had reached a new plateau or stable point and that this mental quietness appears to be permanent! It is very nice to have one’s mind calm, quite and stable at all times under all situations.

  Thank you very much Candy for the group of sessions you gave me and particularly the last session which brought about this permanent mental gain for me.”

  Gary Hart


“The session which you and I had last Saturday has also caused permanent change in me as well.
I will read something on ESMB and expect a
certain negative reaction to occur but instead of the expected occurring, there is simply quietness. A huge piece of my reactive bank
is no longer in existence.

I told something of that order to L. yesterday and she responded by revealing that she wanted to continue with you on her PCA read out.

With wins such as M’s and mine under your belt, financial success and 3rd dynamic and 4th dynamic success can not help but be on the immediate horizon!”



  “How shall I not to believe in Scientology after that what happened?

  Yesterday I received my very first session with Candy.

  To make this short, at the beginning my face was serious enough to frighten children in the kindergarten but at the end, I was blown away with an exileration!  I believe I haven’t laughed like that ever, even while watching the Charley Chaplin’s movies!  After, even Candy was laughing with me to tears.  This is very intense – to feel yourself happy.

  Thank you, Candy!”

  Sergei Terpenev

  [translated into English from the Russian by his wife, Tatiana]

“Dear Candy,

Let me thank you for the great help.

You may not know but by introducing my husband to Scientology and letting him to experience a session, getting a reality on that, you helped me to complete a gigantic cycle in my life.

I have a huge feeling of relief, knowing that Sergei is now on the path with me toward spiritual adventure and growth together to higher levels of awareness.”

  Tatiana Baklanova
Posted by Candy Class 8 on 10/15 at 01:54 AM

Pierre Ethier gave a talk

While up in Scotland recently I had the pleasure of meeting Pierre Ethier. As good luck would have it he was giving a lecture about his experiences with scientology, the freezone (free zone, )the church, and many other things.


Posted by roppa on 11/19 at 08:13 AM
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David mayo talk on disillusionment

Here is a great talk by David Mayo on disillusionment:

Posted by roppa on 09/17 at 08:25 PM
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Understanding How to Apply the Technology of Scientology

This is perhaps an oversimplification, but it gives a starting point
to new auditors who are only clued into whatever they have studied so
far. That may be books or some basic auditing courses.

Elementary, my dear Watson

Essentially there are two types of cases, easy cases and resistive

Easy cases, needless to say, are easy to handle. It won’t really
matter on an easy case, which of the many bridges* you decide to
apply. If they get the Grades first, that will be fine. If they get
Dianetics first, that will be fine. The easy case makes gains, and
they continue up any given bridge with the greatest of ease. Your
only job is to keep them moving on whichever bridge you choose, and
to audit with the Auditor’s Code in.

Resistive cases take special handling. Remember it is the case that
resists, not the preclear. And it is not that difficult, because
there are a limited number of subjects that can bring about a
resistive case. Most of those are on a “special cases” list, with
instructions on how to handle. You do need to be a Class III* auditor
and a NED auditor to handle the special cases assessment list.

The other things that can make a resistive case are missing grades.
It is difficult to handle a case, for example, who can’t talk to

Determining—Easy Case or Resistive Case?

If you are new to auditing others, you certainly want to start with
an easy case! You will get wins and your pc will flourish. If you
must start with a resistive-type case, then make sure you are a Class
III auditor and have a Class VIII case supervisor.

With that advice now stated, an easy case can run engrams.* Assuming
the person knows what the word “engram” is you can have the pc close
his eyes, and, first book style, tell him that when you snap your
fingers the file clerk* will present the engram necessary to resolve
the case…SNAP…ok, what year is it? SNAP…and move the somatic strip*
through the incident until it erases, or run earlier similar engram
if necessary.

After a few passes through the pc is smiling and happy and tells you
what he has discovered, and how that changes his life! Easy case!

Compare this to a pc who has an engram, and you run it through time
and again, there is no earlier incident, there is no earlier
beginning to the incident, and ninety five times through and the pc
hasn’t moved on the tone scale. That is hasn’t hit low emotional
points, then higher emotional points…pc is still interested—just
nothing happening. Resistive case. Solution: Turn this case over
to a Class VIII c/s for repair and he/she will program to handle the

Other Ways to Recognize a Resistive Case

I repeat, it is not the pc’s fault that he has a resistive case. It
takes a lot of patience and skilled auditing to handle such a case.
Get yourself trained as a Class III and NED auditor.

You can sometimes recognize when you have a case that would resist
just by knowing a bit of the pre-clear’s history. Most common, did
he take drugs? Drugs make a resistive case, especially street
drugs. There is a program called the Purification Rundown, followed
by objective process (outward processes, like “Look at that wall” as
compared to subjective processes like “recall a time you saw a wall”)
followed by what is called the “Drug Rundown.” A NED auditor can
give a Drug Rundown.

So you ask your potential preclear “Did you take street drugs?” If
yes, chances are his case will start resisting as you try to audit
it, if you audit it on anything else but drug engrams. As a new
auditor, you don’t want to set yourself up for failures and then
believe that the tech doesn’t work. The tech always works, but you
have to use the correct tech for the correct type of case.

It isn’t that much different from fixing a car—do you need a
screwdriver, or a hoist to lift the engine out? Use the correct tool
for the right problem area. A Case Supervisor gets the data so that
he/she can determine the right problem area so the correct process
(tool) can be used.

What Can a New Auditor Do?

The safest route for you as a new auditor and your preclear to take
is to work with a book such as Self Analysis. Both the auditor and
the pc read the book, especially the part that describes what you
will be doing. It starts with “List One”. Chances are if your
preclear runs well on Self Analysis he/she is an easy case.

What is running well? Pc is interested in at least most of the
questions, finds incidents easily, likes to share the experience with
the auditor, brightens up from time to time. Likes the auditing and
wants to do more.

Another book to use when working with a new preclear is Handbook for
Preclears. Both the auditor and preclear should read the book before
doing any of the questions or commands, so there is an agreement on
what they are doing. Handbook for Preclears is a very powerful book
and anyone who can do what the books says to do is certainly an “easy

These books take some of the charge off the case, and can make
running Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health a lot easier
to do.



Bridge: Short for “Classification and Gradation Chart.” There are
two sides to the bridge, one for auditors in training, and one side
for the preclear so he can move into higher states of being step-by-

Class III: A Class 0 is a beginning auditor; a Class III has learned
how to do many things a Class 0 isn’t trained to do. Class VIII is
an auditor who is very highly trained.

Engram: An incident of pain and/or unconsciousness, that contains
impact or injury. It often contains command value, such as “stay
right here” which keeps the preclear in the incident, or “get out of
here” which bounces the preclear out of the engram.

File Clerk: Term used in Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental
Health to help the new auditor handle the mind of the preclear.

Somatic Strip: Term used in Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental
Health to help the new auditor handle the mind of the preclear.

Posted by thetagal on 09/08 at 09:53 PM
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non-confidential briefing on the bridges

Rey Robles kindly give us a talk on the verious bridge versions over the years. He also talks about some of the technical degrades that have permeated the bridge versions. Rey kindly gave a talk when he was last here in WA. He brings up many important points, lots of food for thought.

Posted by roppa on 09/08 at 09:35 PM
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