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Are you really shure about the meaning of “source”?

There is a big, big misunderstood about “source” and “no-source”...
It comes from LRH Power Processes.
Be prepared because the correct interpretation & processing of Power Process number 4 (Source) on yourself, will change or re-direct dramatically your own progress…

Tech Dictionary:
“SOURCE, 1. the point of origin, or it would be the originator, or where something was begun or dreamed up or mocked up. (Class VIII, No. 18) 2 . that from which something comes or develops; place of origin: cause. (HCOB 11 May 65).”

... any “point of origin” will need by force ‘space’. And if it is ‘located’, then it exists in the MEST universe. If you’re agree with this, then read the next definition (also from the Tech Dict):

Definition: a Life Static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time. It has the ability to postulate and to perceive.”

The next paragraph is extracted from “Excalibur Revisited” by Geoffrey C. Filbert:

“I have defined the purposes, and the unfortunate misapplications, of Power Processes. The story behind them is a bit of a tragedy because L. Ron Hubbard developed these privately and he ran them on himself, and left them unflat. He’s got them backwards, and has been kind of crazy ever since 1965. Prior to that particular period in time, he seemed to be essentially rational. Since that period or time he has been essentially
irrational. His error is actually on the first process, Due to the fact that he made this error, compounded by the fact that his following in the churches are on a monkey-see- monkey-do basis, physically, mentally, and spiritually with this man, they uniformly run the processes to the same unflat point that he did.
The first process you run alternately, two commands, to EP.
Tell me a source and
Tell me a not source

You could run it the other way: What is source. and what is not source. It is preferable to use “Tell me”. You can word clear these out of a dictionary that “source” is an origin point on something. The pc will rather quickly come up with himself as source and be grinning ear to ear
over that, and have little to no understanding of not source. This is the point that L. Ron Hubbard stopped. This is the point that most church people stop on this particular process. Although, there is a floating
needle, although there is a grin on the person’s face, they still have no understanding of not source, so it is an unflat process. Of course, they have had an exactly-backwards end phenomena. You keep running the process until they get this thing straightened out, and realize that they are not source and that there are a lot of not sources out there. They start to understand the first and second axioms that they are a life static and
they will cognite that they have been identified with particular viewpoints or a singular viewpoint in the physical universe, and had actually thought they were sources, and that is a very silly and absolutely ridiculous thing to do; to identify and be a point within a matter, energy, space, time continuum, much less this one. At that point the process is flat. If you are dealing with someone who has already been run on this, and it
takes you more than two hours, and they are still not figuring it out, they are never going to figure it out. It is time to grab some dictionaries and clear the hell out of these words real well, demo kit “source” to where
they understand what the hell that means Have them read the axioms. So, this particular tragic error which seems to be uniform in folders is the reason that most people who get Power Processing cave in after it and
actually get worse.”

Posted by Ivan Torres on 05/06 at 08:29 PM
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