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"What you resist, if you lose, you get. That was the beginning of the end of my sovereign state, and entrance to the game of BE DO HAVE, Polarity and Games Universes. "I now Have the certainty, that It can all be undone. My simple mistake can be rectified. I will be able to return to the Sovereign State once again, only this time I'll know the game and will be able to play or not at my will. "Currently, major shifts of operating basis now and into the future are in the works. "Very Very Big Thanks to Rolf Dane, for helping me As Is what has been, and what is." R.C., USA

— A Dane

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Bridge version: LRH 1975

Training level: NED, Class 8, ethics specialist, more

Case level: OT7, plus some GPM auditing, "States of Mind." and "DEEP processing."

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Copenhagen, Denmark. Also in cyber space via phone or Skype. ----website: http://rolfdane.com