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Success Story C/O Cycle RD (A Ron's Org Rundown between OT 13 and OT 14) This is a great rundown which made my body into a friend. I have learnt to communicate with it. I thought before I did communicate with it, however a few aspects were missing or inhibited things. Now all of that has been cleaned up and is perfect, and so an utterly new communication has been brought about. A completely new body feeling has come about. It is incredible how the body changed throughout the auditing. It is such a fascinating rundown that moves so many things that it is nearly magic. Many dear thanks to Otfried my C/S who was, like always, a professional companion. Also thanks to all the others in Ron’s Org Frankfurt who made it possible and of course a heart-felt thank you to Ron. L.S. Sep 7th 2011

— LS

Life Repair

After having done quite some auditing, I was still holding myself back in life. Always working, but not feeling very effective. "Running in place," as it's called. I thought there must be more. L10 ("The Cause Rundown") seemed like a relaxed 2-way-comm about many subjects. But every now and then, we would suddenly jump into a subject. We discovered things that I had carefully hidden for myself, but that had firmly impacted my life and my thinking. I'm convinced that these items can be found in many people, making their behaviour on their dynamics eeuh... less than optimum. My understanding of other individuals and groups has greatly improved. I can be with and handle them more easily. So much was picked up in each session, that I've hardly realized all the changes yet. On each step of the Bridge I had been auditing the past; but now it looked as if we were auditing the future! The future is F/Ning now. I can freely walk into it; no ideas about how the future must or must not be. In life, I don't go into time-consuming "discussions with myself" anymore. No constant sticky evaluations. If some action is on my list, I simply do it. And that saves time. Maybe I'll even have spare time some day (laughter). I think Otfried did a brilliant job as an auditor. He did any action necessary on the spot, without hesitation. He made me feel part of "CSI Frankfurt": whatever was there, we would find it. On top of all the wins I got, it was great fun digging together! Thank you, Otfried! — And thank you, Ron! A.M. 10 Oct 2010

— Arthur M.


The Clear Hat was the most interesting course I ever have done. It gave me some answers to questions I had always suspected but noone ever wanted to confirm them. Once more I am amazed at how Ron found out all of that and a remedy on top of it, too! There is nothing in this universe and beyond which is not related to this data. The answers to the question “What is going on actually in this – our – universe?” are so incredibly interesting that I do not know what to say more. Now I am very keen to go on the OT levels. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

— Ralf

Life Repair

This course has given me a lot of knowledge about my job and its environment. One thing is that I can handle my work much better and that I have a better overall view. The other thing is that I now can see all the things going wrong. These “going wrongs” I can now take one after the other and correct them, as far as possible from my position. Generally I got a real grip on the subject of “work” which in turn gave me a higher certainty! I am looking forward to the Basic Admin Course! 21 Feb 2009

— Jan S.

Grade 1

Dear Beate, dear Ulli, dear Otfried, I want to write down my wins which I got through the org during the last 5 years, be it by auditing, courses, talks or just by the org and the people in it. Of course it can be published in all languages. The thing is that I have become much more stable compared to how I was before and that in situations, no matter which, I get or got a better and better general view. In this I notice that I am in a much much better communication with my environment and myself and that I can return it if I deem it necessary. I can say that during these last 5 years I got into a much better “shape” and feel both physically and mentally more and more flexible, young and dynamic than in the time before. I am sure that this is related to the fact that the reactive burden becomes less and less. For that I want to thank Ron, you, Beate, as my auditor, you, Otfried, as my C/S, and you, Ulli as my terminal for all questions, as well as all org staffs and certainly also the participants in the org! It is good and it feels good to be in contact with an island of clarity. Bill R. once said to me in Les Verrières when I told him that I lived near the Frankfurt Org that I have made a very good postulate. Every day I notice that he was just right about it. I also experience myself more and more self-determined regarding the subject of Scientology in the public. I have lost all inhibitions to tell somebody in my business or private environment that I study Scientology. I can even say that no matter what “reactive thunderstorm” follows – or not – I can confront it. I even enjoy to tell my opinion and communicate it, it gives me strength. Thanks to the time in the org more and more of a structure cristallizes in my life, in what way I want to live my life, what is important for me, what I can do without, what I don’t want etc. My life becomes more conscious and communicative all the time, which I do not want to miss under any condition. The time of unawareness has come to its end and a beginning has been made, which I could achieve thanks to the Org, and once more I want to say thanks to all named participants of the Frankfurt Org, and also to the other orgs there are. You do an invaluable job!!! During the last 5 years, I have become more and more self-determined, but I also know that a lot is left to do, so I am looking forward to going further and further up the bridge and experience the “miracles” of each level. grin Much love, Jan

— Jan


On purpose I have waited for 3-4 weeks to write down the success story for this adventure. 35 years ago I got the first vague inkling of how it would be to get rid of all the other-determined things and their effects on my life. Now I know for sure. And of course, it’s great. One of my major wins is the much bigger integrity and the recognition how senseless it is to make myself smaller or keep me smaller. Of course everybody creates his or her own state, but the learning process becomes deadlier and deadlier as you go down the spiral. And there lies other-determinism. For the goal is to learn from experience and not to be done in for it. During this level I could get to know the many facets of this other-determinism in such an incredible way. There is really nothing you can imagine that does not exist. During the level I could insert the Solo Power Course to solve some problems that had occurred. The data related to this opened some more doors. Now I could sort out things which were impossible to sort out before. The result was a very calm state, resting in myself, willingness to confront whatever I would undertake and a very large certainty and confidence regarding my destination, my origin and my further development. Most of all the certainty to be able to win this game together with all others. But the most amazing experience was the OT Life Repair. What I could handle on all dynamics on that level can’t be told in words. My concept regarding the dynamics after that was so simple that I could hardly believe it. The uncertainties which I experienced in the Church after the completion of each level could once more not be traced here. There was just the subjective and objective truth that this kind of charge has been removed. This in itself is nearly an OT level. Especially with regards to the partially very hurtful cognitions which I gained on this level regarding the Church I can value the possibility Ron’s Org offers here even more: - the bridge that is really done by gradients where you can move swiftly without any uncertainty - the precise measure of support and trust in the ability and responsibility of the individual - the completely superior handling of supervision and care. All of that, I am quite sure, is appreciated by Ron. With regards to the support in this important step I want to thank my C/S, the “Swiss people”, the course team and also my wife who accompanied me on this journey with patience, some emotion (created from both sides) and support. I am looking forward to the next level and wish everybody those wins, and fast! ARC, RW 28-07-09

— RW

Grade 0

Success story Grade 0 So beautiful what I was able to experience. Incrustations, involvements which I did not even suspect were there have been resolved. During the journey I was often surprised how attitudes, viewpoints and experience can manifest themselves. You could say during restructuring. It is a bit like a marionette – if a string is pulled a certain body part moves. During auditing I mainly learned to keep counsel with myself, often enough I had not listened carefully. I have become more aware of myself and things and relationships to my environment arrange themselves in a new way. The procedure is very good. Thanks to the attentive, caring practitioners. Maria, June 5th 2009

— Maria


Today I attested CLEAR!!! A fabulous experience that I must reveal to you all. When I started in Scientology and have read Dianetics a couple of times I got the idea that this apparently beautiful state mental freedom would be hard to get. Only achievable for a happy few. How wrong I was. After actively joining Ron’s Org in Frankfurt and my good friend Jan had audited me on grade II, I started on grade III. These sessions were running great when somewhere in the final sections of the Grade III processes we hit “solid rock” and massive mass was blown that was kept in place by a very “fine” service fac that blew at the same time. We finalised the Grade III processes with great wins, but since that very moment something definitely had changed for the best. With great energy and interest I continued with my auditor Beate on the grade IV processes. Something in my mind was stirring and at a certain moment in session I got this enormous realisation and cognition of how service facs had been controlling my daily routines and functioning and all of a sudden the whole picture and all its masses blew and I felt FREEDOM. What a wonderful feeling. I knew suddenly I was clear and the next few weeks I experienced like floating on a cloud in the air, being able to look at anything without any worry at all, still enjoying this gigantic win. Today on June 8, 2008 exactly 55 years after I was born, I attested CLEAR after having gone through the required steps for clear certainty. The best birthday present anyone ever could have given me. This is what makes it extra special to me and I can only say how happy I am that I have decided to continue on the “road to clear” and the narrow highway that is called ‘THE BRIDGE” To all who have gone this path, you probably know what I am talking about. To those yet to go: do not hesitate but do it! Thanks to everybody, especially Beate, who made this wonder happen. ARC and much love P.K.

— P.K.


I have just completed the OT 3 Redo. After having had big wins already on OT 2 – 20 years after the first time I did it – the same is true, even more so, after the completion of OT 3. Within ca. 40 hours of auditing I could complete a lot of open cycles, covering immense time periods. The result is real calmness and the certainty to finally have completed this level, too. The gain in personal freedom is enormous, and as always on these levels this is not just a first dynamic experience. Once more I realized how important a “clean slate” is to make efficient communication. As well as the importance to walk forward on the bridge with unimpaired intention, without duress and pushing. Again and again it is impressive that we have this chance here and now to handle our time-track. Especially the broad information on the background of OT 3 rendered by Captain Bill gives quite a different reality than the one I had before. Now I really understood how things connect on the time-track and could sort out many earlier factors. Besides realizing what is going wrong in this Sector I also understood the reasons that brought me here, in a much wider context. Now I can really estimate the wins that were given to me during the past 20 years. This is just great. My thanks go to Ron, Captain Bill, Otfried for his professional support and all “orgers” who helped me in this step. ARC, R.W.

— R.W.

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