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Bridge version: Combination of all

Training level: Full Class IX, studied all Ls at Flag to correct NOTs Pre-OTs out lists

Case level: Infinite


I was 25 years in Scn and 10 years in the SO. Held almost all posts on the org board except for div 3. First Class missionaire. Did missions to all EU Orgs. CO Copenhagen Org.D/CO FOLOEU & AF Started the Center in Hjortekaer, Copenhagen with some friends, and worked closely with Cpt. Bill and David Mayo. TRs pass by Ron. Last post in SO was NOTs Lead Auditor in AO Copenhagen Was awarded Kah-Kahn status by Ron after 2 years in Power, and named Thor of Norsk by Ron. Approx. 40.000 hours in the chair. Many work shops and lectures. My specialty is getting new people started and case cracking.I love working with people and see them gain...