Craig Robart's successes

ARC Straightwire

It's good to be on the Bridge again! ARC Straightwire unlocked parts of my track that haven't been accessible for years. A walk down the block between processes put me in touch with the magic of perceiving as I did when a child. Everything seems fresh and new. I thank my C/S for "being there" and my auditor, Craig, for making processing accessible.

— F.S.

Grade 1

WOW! Amazing when you first start this level how you "have problems" (or, think you don't). I sorta already knew but now DO know with certainty the source of these "problems". I had an awesome cognition regarding a "problem" at home. It had to do with a brand new big red farm tractor sitting idle in my backyard, which was supposed to be used for leveling out the yard in preparation for some grass and a playset for our children. As this nice new tractor sits there waiting to rust, I just realized that I was taking responsibility for this "problem" to exist and persist and not change! Well let me just say that I will now take responsibility and control and make this supposed "problem" VANISH! I just might take this tractor for a spin - HAH! No Problem! Level the house?! NO PROBLEM!! I practically jumped out of my chair when I realized I had no problems after all! (You shoulda seen the look on the auditor's face, VGIs). I can confront the source of a problem, take control, and make it vanish! Thanks again to Craig, my auditor!

— R.R.

Bridge version: LRH 1980

Training level: Class III

Case level: Clear

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