TAKE A FRESH LOOK AT STANDARD TECHNOLOGY WITH CLEARBIRD! We publish technology for personal advancement, increased ability, and attainment of personal freedom. ------------ Our auditor training in Copenhagen (DK, Europe) is supervised by Rolf Dane, the author of the "Clearbird Materials", in person. ------------ Our publications on Clearing Technology are mainly based on the clearing technology defined by the late Mr. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986). We have compared his works to other authors, such as L. Kin, Geoffrey Filbert, and the German philosopher A. Nordenholz (who wrote the first book and the first axioms of the subject - in 1934). We have written a completely new and comprehensive textbook based on these and other authors' works on the subject of standard technology. It is the first user-friendly User's Manual ever written on standard technology. You are not required to be able to understand complicated research papers. We simply assume you understand plain English and have an interest in the subject. ------------ CLEARBIRD IS RECOGNIZED BY THE ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGISTS (APIS) FOR GIVING A TECHNICALLY CORRECT RENDITION OF STANDARD TECHNOLOGY.

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Training level: Class VIII

Case level: New OT7, GPM Processing

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Clearbird Auditor Training in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe