Hi there! we are in 2009 as I write those words. My guess is the Tech was and is something like 50 years in advance to whatever attempts mainstream "improvements" to conditions and understanding Man are. So - I wrote I'm using 1980's Tech. That's one way of putting it, Standard Tech up to NOTs developpement. But if you asked I'd say I'm interested in 2050's Tech ;-) that would be always about 50 years in advance, the 21st century Standard Tech. It's simple really - Simplicity, no funny "stories", stripped from the cultural aspects that were present during the research and discoveries. Just Pure Standard Tech. That's what I'm interested in ;-) that needs still some work to be done to present it to the public, to others. And so, then - I'm pro pure Standard Tech undiluted which by the way gets all the promised results. That's where the real fun begins. See you.... ;-)

Bridge version: LRH 1980

Training level: up to Class VIII with some extras wink

Case level: OT VII +


Brussels, Belgium