Ron's Org Munich

Ron's Org Munich are: Daniela Mikorey, C/O, C/S, D of P and Auditor. Qualifications: MCSC, Purif I/C, Cl. IV perm., HRD auditor, HSDC/NED auditor, C/S up to Excalibur, in connection with RO Bern up to OT 16. Sabine Kindermann: D of T and Auditor. Qualifications: MCSC, Cl. IV Nicole: additional course-supervisor and Auditor. The Ron's Org Munich was founded in 1988 and is delivering the bridge from LRH and CBR up to OT 16. Service is delivered in German and English. We are looking forward to your communication. For further details please visit our website

Bridge version: Rons Org

Training level: OT 16

Case level: VAST

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Rons Org MunichFinkenweg 485625 Glonn