Antony Phillips

Entered/met Scn 1954 Ten years on Scn staff with both tech, admin and Pubs Org jobs Various auditor training, including 1 & 2/3s ACC, parts of Briefing course, and most important Happiness Rundown course and Internship (3/4 of which is basic auditing). Thrown out of "Church" March 1983 Involved with MetaScientology magazines since 1986 Work with basic auditing (handling what the pc wants handled). Done a fair amount of investigation in this area over recent years which really confirmed or highlighted Scn basics. ADDITIONAL NOTE 2012 - my recent work has has included sort of review auditing, when there has been some dissatisfaction with an earlier auditor. This might not include actual auditing, and initially (or in full) might be carried out by email, phone or skype. If you feel you are a bit of a lame dog, and don't fit in with "standard" that is where I might help, with my main hobby interest being "what are the basics". Much more information (too much perhaps) at: email:

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Bridge version: Combination of all

Training level: Hon Class V

Case level: OTIII


Jernbanevej 3F 4th2800 Lyngby Denmark (DK)phone (+45) 45 88 88 69email: