Ron's Org Frankfurt

RO Frankfurt are: CO: Ulli Schneck C/S and Review auditor: Otfried, Cl. XI Super Static C/S, in Scn and in the FZ since 1985. Trained to deliver the Ls. HGC auditors: Ulli, Cl.IV Grad, Julia (DofP), Cl.IV Grad., Lothar and Nastya, all Cl IV. Crs Sups: Ulli (DofT), Otfried, Julia, Juergen Also in co-operation with more than 10 field auditors C/Sed by us. We deliver LRH "original" bridge (tech until ca.1980) up to OT3 (and old OT 4-7) and from there on CBR OT levels 8-16 and, in a technical link with Ron's Org Bern, up to OT 48. Current news about our org can be found on our website!

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Bridge version: Rons Org

Training level: Class VII, Super Static C/S, Ls

Case level: OT 16

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Ron's Org FrankfurtAuf dem Berg 1D-61184 Karben