Ron's Org Grenchen

Max Hauri, CO, Auditor, C/S; -------------- Erica Hauri, Sen C/S, Auditor SHSBC, Class XII, SS C/S, ULR; -------------- Melinda Hauri, Auditor Cl. IV Grad, HSDC/NED, SS C/S, Supervisor; -------------- Yvan Mayor, Auditor Cl. IV Grad, HSDC/NED, Supervisor; -------------- Dirk Hauri, Auditor Cl. IV HSDC/NED, DofT; -------------- Verena Hiltbrand, Cl. I, Supervisor; -------------- The Ron's Org Grenchen was founded 1987 and since we are delivering full time all Scientology & Dianetics Courses & Auditing, including the upper Levels. -------------- The Ron's Org Grenchen is opened seven days a week, from 9:30 am til 9:30 pm. -------------- Languages: German, French, English -------------- We love to train you!

Bridge version: Rons Org

Training level: SHSBC; Class VIII, XII

Case level: OT 48

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Mazzinistrasse 7; CH-2540 Grenchen; Switzerland; Phone +41 31 513 72 20;