Hi. Thank you for finding this communication line. I'm Patricia Krenik, mostly known as "Pat", born and raised in the US of A. I started Dianetics in 1951 after reading "Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health." As I met interested others, we formed groups of friends, did Group Auditing, lectures, and I received my first certificate in 1956 by challanging the test for Hubbard Certified Scientologist. I then helped establish some Churches in WA State. In 1958 I attended the 19th Advance Clinical Course taught by LRH, and returned to Seattle to be a Franchise Holder (now Mission Holder). We ran co-audits and delivered auditing for a couple of years. Later, in Los Angeles, CA I did the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, the Organizational Executive Course, the OT sections, worked on staff at LA org, and did the Ethics Specialist Course. I left Sea Org in 1983. Now I have an additional 25 years experience in the Freezone. I just love getting folks through the no-interference area (Clear through Upper Level III) and have handled several past life or stalled clears. I work with my husband, Ray Krenik who holds the training functions in the Academy we have here, so we have the entire bridge to offer. If there is something you need or want, or questions you would like answered, please write to me. Best regards, Pat

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Bridge version: LRH 1980

Training level: In COS, SHSBC, in FZ, Class VIII checksheet done.

Case level: OT VIII

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