Caspar de Rijk

Caspar de Rijk first became aware of Dianetics in 1970 when he was a student of psychology at the Rijksuniversiteit in Utrecht, Netherlands. He soon found out that - with the behavioral sciences classification of psychology - the spirit had disappeared out of the subject and that psychology no longer was the study of the soul. In search of truth he encountered a.o. yoga, Indian mystics, Tarot Cards, Krishnamurti and various forms of meditation. He was about to be initiated on a Satsang with his Holiness Maharaj Sharan Singh when he met Otto. His fellow countryman Otto J. Roos introduced him into the subject of Scientology. Caspar organized the first comm. course in Utrecht and did his first two hours straight confront supervised by Otto. He then moved to Leiden where a small but determined group was starting up. Otto chose Caspar for Supervisor training and sent him to the AO DK for the HSDC and HDG (Standard Dianetics Auditor and Coursesupervisor) on his return there were some 15 students eagerly waiting to start the Dianetics Course. The next year was spent actively leading on the Dianetics movement, when Caspar arrived back in the Netherlands in September 1970 Otto had returned to the Flagship to become the first Class XII and was replaced by two Flag Missionaires Andre Spies and Richard Wrigley. Caspar was then in 1971 getting trained on the new Mini Course Supervisor Course together with Claes Ditlevsen and several others by Jens Bogvad at the Athena in Copenhagen. When he came back the two Flag missionaires had blown and he became the ED of the Franchise. Capt. Bill Robertson suggested in 71 that Caspar move to Amsterdam which he did and so established the first Scientology Mission in Amsterdam at the Rozenstraat near the Westertower. Later in 1972 Caspar left to Copenhagen to be part of the First Translation Unit in Marocco but was recruited for the Sea Org by Juliet in Denmark where he became the first posted Wordclearer on the Stationship Athena, which soon after became the Cramming Vessel for the Sea Org and Org staff in the DK and EU areas. When the only Dutch speaking intern graduated at AOSH EU & AF DK Caspar was transferred to AOSH EU, there he was put on the ESOSAC (first TTC) by missionaire Lt. Jeff Walker. Then almost a year later was back on the Athena during the Ethics Mission to Gothenburg, Sweden led by Capt. Bill Robertson. He then supervised the Academy for a while and the became later single hatted SHSBC Supervisor under Victor Uckermann Class VIII. Caspar himself did the academy in his spare time studying in the breaks etc. and in ’74 was posted in the HGC he graduated the SHSBC in 1976 and got his Power Processing from Alain Frank Rosenberg of CC Paris fame. Finally he spent a year or so on the Clearing Course and became Clear # 5997 in 1977. Over the next decades he stayed in Tech and Qual mainly doing his OT Levels and became a NOTs Auditor in 1981 and was trained on the AO Review Auditor Course as well as Power Processing and Solo Csing. He became famous for auditing in English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish and even Danish, altog ether 7 languages. In 1991 he went again to Flag to do the new Class IX training with latest updates. When the ‘Golden Age of Tech’ so called was introduced in 1996 Caspar was just learning Russian but becoming aware of the arbitrary requirements of ‘learning by heart’ the commands etc in eight languages he saw that was the end of his multi-lingual career in the Sea Org. He was sent to the RPF (rehabilitation project force) for missing an “F/N” and being “PTS”because a senior of his had blown (left) the Sea Org. He was replaced by three auditors, a French, an Italian and a Spanish speaking auditor. The day after Caspar graduated from the SP/PTS Course on the RPF he resigned from the Sea Org. ? For several years he took the time to get reoriented in the society in the Netherlands, taught himself computer skills and ran an investment /management consultancy. This was till he found out about the Freezone in 2003 at the Ron’s Org in Frankfurt. He found out to his amazement that these people had all the correct materials incl. the actual OT Levels. He once more took up the meter and was in business auditing away in Montfoort Holland where he lived at the time. He has been delivering the whole bridge from L/Rep to OT III and HQS to Class IX ever since. First in the Netherlands as part of the Ron’s Org Network and since 2007 in larger premises in Germany as Multi Genius Technologies, Un-Ltd - an independent organization in the ‘Freezone’.

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Bridge version: Combination of all

Training level: Full Class IX

Case level: OT 8

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