I first got into Scientology in my early 20s after buying a Dianetics book for £1 at a local store. It was the first book I read that actually told you that you could do something about the mind. Shortly after I did a personality test at the local "church". I knew from the start that things were not quite right as there were hardly any staff there, and not many public. I was on and off lines for a number of years as it was just far too expensive to do anything. I managed to do the purif back in 96. That was a phenomenal action. I completely changed. I then did the Student Hat and TRs and Objectives course. These also were great. Then suppression from the church and some of its staff became too intense and insane so I left. A number of people at that time became unstable and/or ill. The senior CS died of a mysterious illness. Meanwhile the reg at the time was prospering, quietly smug. I found out about the freezone in 2005 and actively sought auditing and training. The auditing I recieved was great. After my first visit to my auditor in Hungary I came back unburdened and beaming. I continued to progress in Hungary and then later in the US, getting grades auditing, doing the SOLO course as well as auditor training.

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Bridge version: LRH 1980

Training level: Level 0

Case level: OTIII

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