David Pelly

Note- Co- auditor wanted. Read bio then contact me if you are interested. Prior to my experience with Dianetics I was an avid reader of self help books, I read the bible, the Course in Miracles, the Oahspe Bible. I read hundreds of books. I read Dianetics after I saw it advertized on TV on Good Friday in 1997. I was blown away from what I read. This was the first guy who seemed to know anything useful about the problems of the mind and how to solve them. I contacted the co$ the next evening expecting to get a voice mail. I got a live person and I asked for more info. The guy asked me if I wanted a demo. I said sure. We made an appointment for the next day, Easter Sunday at 12 noon. When I got there, the guy who was supposed to give me a session did not show up. So a guy from Wise was found and I am glad he was my auditor, because I later learned that he was much better than the first guy. He was high toned. After a couple hrs of real rough session I felt like I was pulled out from under a pile of rocks. I had a small release. I said to myself WOW this stuff is amazing. To make a long story short. I was asked to take ups and downs and personal values courses. While on course I realized that there was something wrong. Amongst a number of problems, after completing the courses I was asked if I could go out and handle an SP. I said I don't know until I tried it . I was flunked. I was made to redo the course. This happened three times. Then I realized that in order to get out of there I had to say "yes". The place was really insane. I recalled from Dianetics that Hubbard said that the PC should always beware of who should be on the couch. I saw that it was them and not I. I then asked qual if the tech was so good why was he was still such a mess after being there for 19 yrs. He blew up. The short story is that I was declared PTS and escorted out of the building. I was furious. I wondered how and why anyone would go through so much trouble to make such a mess of such a good thing? In Sept 97 while at a business conference in Texas, USA I met a guy who told me about the freezone. He said that they have their own magazine called the Free Spirit Journal and the he got the latest issue the day before he left to the conference. He said he would send it to me when he got back home. He did and it had ads of auditors. I called nine of them and Bob Ross was the only one who called me back. He gave me a phone session that again blew me away. I asked for another one later in the day. The sessions were amazing. Bob passed away in around 2000. I have been getting auditing mostly over the phone since, mostly from Robert Ducharme. He is also very good. I got some from Rolf Dane in 2009 and he is also very good. Thank God for phone auditors. They saved my life more than once. I took a couple of courses in TIR from Irene Schoenfeld in 1999 and 2000 and learned to do Dianetics auditing. I have also learned to do Bob Ross' process The logical procedure rundown. It is a powerful process that does not need a meter. I have delivered a good couple hundred hrs of auditng and my clients like my auditing. I have acquired all the scn text books and love them all. Scn comes very easy to me. I would like to do the bridge some day. But just doing what I have done has been amazing. I am doing like Ron said and working on building a better bridge that anyone can cross and be a shining example of the workability of scn, a true Homo Iluminus. The only real problem that keeps scn in a state of disrepute and conflict is that it is missing some very important data. I have that data. My website is: www.freewebs.com/freezone3001 I have also taken the courses on the German New Medicine, which is what I call medical Dianetics. This is the missing tech on dealing with cancer. With this knowledge Dr. Hamer has had close to 100% success in treating cancer and other diseases. In Dianetics, Ron alludes to hoping someone would someday discover this data. Dr. Hamer did this very well. I will help anyone with their illnesses, just contact me at: david.pelly@hotmail.ca I am looking for a good high toned co- auditor of comparable magnitude. This could be done over the phone.

Bridge version: Combination of all

Training level: Dianetics and a bit more ( Unclassed )

Case level: Just starting, but doing better than many.


Cambridge, Ontario, Canada