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The Ron’s Org Committee was founded in the year 2004 as it became obvious that the Orgs and Field Auditors both needed an umbrella organization: not necessarily to be protected, but for them to have (a) an organization to which they belong, and (b) an organization which can organize matters which a single Org or Field Auditor might need but wouldn’t take care of for themselves because the resources they have are too small. An important point was also “just to have a Third Dynamic”, to be part of a group: not having the feeling of being lost in the big wide world.
What also has to be understood is that our evil enemies will do – and have been doing – everything in their power to keep us separated and split, and to make sure we are not organized at all. In order to grow, Scientology needs to be a certain size: if that critical mass is below a certain size the fire will not really burn. If it has reached a certain size, it’s going to expand explosively, as it did in the seventies.
Scientologists all over the planet have to associate, have to become friends and have to work together in shoulder to shoulder activity, and shouldn’t separate – or allow themselves to become separated – because of real or imagined differences, because of real or imagined ARC breaks.
The Ron’s Org Committee started with giving a definition of what a Ron’s Org (RO) or a Ron’s Org Field Auditor (ROFA) is (please see the appendix for details). The definition is maintained quite broadly, though it might look rigid at the first glance. But this definition can get condensed and yet still be totally true by simply saying:
“A RO or ROFA adheres to the tech LRH has given to us.”
It is true that the RO also delivers OT levels which are above OT 8. These were given to us by CBR, Captain Bill Robertson, who deserves a huge acknowledgement because without him the RO and very many orgs you know today wouldn’t exist at all. And personally I have to admit that because of these levels he gave us we are able to deliver at all. Without CBR it could be that there wouldn’t be a Free Zone worth naming as such. And it’s worth mentioning – although CBR rarely spoke about it – that LRH himself gave him this special mission to do.
By all that I do not want to give you the impression that the ROs are “OT level happy”. The ROC very much stresses the non-confidential tech that LRH has given us, mainly in the period from 1950 to 1975. Personally my view is that this is what Scientology consists of. The OT levels are important, but if you would ask me to put that into a relationship with the lower level tech I would say the OT levels become a very small percentage of the whole.
However, it’s also worth saying that the OT levels make full use of those basics and are totally built upon that foundation; in fact, once one understands the tech fully, the OT levels – especially the higher OT levels! – have their workability at a level of simplicity which is fully based on totally fundamental concepts whichin almost all cases were worked out by LRH in the early 1950s. The tech is the tech, and is powerful at all levels, including the most basic: we particularly emphasise the value of Dianetics and the Grades, properly applied. LRH himself said that flying the ruds could create a result which would be the equivalent of ten years of psychoanalysis! Many Scientologists know and understand this very well from their own direct experience.
The real “meat” is on the all the tapes, books, HCOBs, HCOPLs, etc.
The ROC stresses the fact of training very, very strongly. If there is no Course Room with tough standard study tech – Scientology is gone, lost, end of cycle. Writing the tech anew under another name is not only a crime per Scientology Ethics – but you will lose Scientology in a very short time. A standard Course Room consists of word clearing with a word clearer, checkouts – a lot of checkouts! – an excellent, dedicated, well-trained supervisor, and last but not least uses all the original issues of LRH. These include also the unrevised materials so a professional auditor can track how something has been developed, and it contains the BTBs and BPLs so that he or she can trace back what has been changed, differentiating what was originally by LRH and what somebody else has written.
By reading that you might have got the impression that the ROC does not accept other writers. This is not the case. ROs can have books of other writers: for instance, we promote the books of Ruth Minshull, Pete Gillham, and others. But this are not Div 4 training materials: this is Div 6, a bridge to the Bridge. When we train auditors or C/Ses we give them original materials by LRH. And this is, by the way, what they want. They are here to study LRH.
A standard Course Room is the backbone of Scientology, and of course of the ROs.

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