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Standard Tech is that tech which has absolutely no arbitraries!Scientology as a bridge was left incomplete. Open Scientology is open to take up the research and work to ‘get busy and build a better -more complete- bridge.

Standard Technology

In 1968 a streamlining of technology took place which   was called Standard Tech and was rigourously enforced as the only permissable version of uniformly working scientology technology.

We use the following definition of Standard Tech by L. Ron Hubbard: “Standard Tech is that tech which has absolutely no arbitraries”.

Examples of arbitraries

Based on this definition, given during the Class VIII course, we can confidently state that the first arbitrary that could appear would be that only Hubbard can produce, discover or declare standard technology.

It therefore also makes sense to assume that LRH actually did turn over his technical hat before his passing. Some evidence of that can be found in the writings of David and Julie Mayo.

Another arbitrary would be to assume that technology could not be improved or that a working technology has to be “kept working”. History has already shown that even the E-Meter could be improved.

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