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OT III Success

OT wins on OT III

OT III Success

What does it mean to me to be OT III?

Space: - That’s the first thing that comes to mind.  Big space.  And not only is my space much bigger, it’s clean, unencumbered, free theta.  I am no longer anchored in my body. 

Affinity: - I have this big space filled with affinity for life and living.  It simply bubbles over.  It’s wonderful. 

One example:  The other day at work was one of the most trying to date in terms of tight deadlines, HE&R all over the place.  And me, I’m just being in my space, working away, getting lots done and smiling.  My boss came up to me at one point with a little twinkle in his eyes and says “Kathy, you’re just way too happy!” 

Another example:  Yesterday I was sitting on my balcony, enjoying nature and my beautiful environment.  I was intent on watching the trees swaying in the breeze and suddenly I was the trees.  I was being the trees, occupying the same space.  The feeling of love and affinity was indescribable!

Reality: - I have a much greater reality on the 7th dynamic and what is truly out there.  I know with a new level of certainty who I am, where I am and where I am going.  I recognize with a new level of certainty what charge is mine and what belongs to another.  I recognize a whole new realm of possibilities and potential never before even dreamed of.  It amazes me that something will occur in my universe that before would have had me in antagonism or lower and now doesn’t even faze me. 

Communication: - My level of communication has improved greatly, plus I now have certainty on my ability to communicate telepathically.

Understanding: - All of this has resulted in a far greater understanding of life and the games being played both on this planet and elsewhere in the universe.

Freedom from overwhelm: - I now know with certainty that I can handle, through solo auditing, any case phenomena that may come up, and that such case phenomena will no longer overwhelm me.  It’s the recognition I spoke of earlier – detection, recognition and handling. 

And for all this I have to first thank Frankie for being the most awesome C/S on the planet.  No matter what came up during the level, Frankie was there with the most spot on C/S that always handled exactly the item needing to be handled, resulting in my coming out of session with VVGI’s and condition resolved. And always he made me take responsibility for my case so as to increase my KRC. 
Thank you Frankie.  You rock!

And thank you, Tim.  He’s been nudging me (well let’s be honest, shoving me sometimes) up the Bridge for more than 30 years now, and truthfully, without his TR 3, I’m not sure I would have come this far.  So thank you Tim.

Thank you Ron.  I never dreamed such wins were possible.  Thank you for putting the Bridge there for us.  I plan on making excellent use of it.

Ron says that if we deliver what’s promised, the pc will always be ready and eager for the next step.  Watch out OT, here I come!


Kathy Daigle

Posted by Franklin and Mary Freeman on 06/06 at 10:24 PM

Bridge version: Combination of all

Training level: Class 8. Both trained by LRH/ Ethics Specialist/Upper levels + Reviews

Case level: OT 7+


North Idaho