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I started learning to audit Dianetics in 1969, HSDC 1970, Levels 1970-71 while on staff in Canada. Then St. Hill, UK. Mid 70s on staff in Tech and Qual in Midwest USA. Then public at Denver Org, ASHO, CC, AOLA, then back to Midwest USA till left in 1986. Love auditing and CSing and training auditors. Have worked with Narconon also. We will and can assist in you attaining Standard Tech Auditing of the Lower and Upper Scientology Bridge, and Training to complete the Bridge. CSing is available. My wife Elaine is a NED Class5 auditor. We also have Richard a Class4 auditor who is available to travel and audits Objectives, Life Repairs and Expanded Grades.

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Cl. IV (int.), Purif C/S, per church bridge until 1995, admin training: esto, treas., tech., in Scn since 1983. Stay in PT guys and girls!! ;-)

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I offer Professional Dianetics (Book One) Auditing, Objectives and CCHs, Meterless Lower Grades, Power and Power Plus. As well as Book One auditor training.

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Currently 10 years into Solo NOTs. Have progressed enough in my NED training to be able to do PC Original Assessment sheets and Life Repairs. Have my very first PC half completed on this now. Looking forward to making my first Clear in the not to distant future.

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Ole Gerstrom

HAS Crse. 1968 Sea Org with Capt. Bill, Copenhagen, 1970-73, Member of Parliament, Denmark 1973-75, Left CoS 1984, Ran Rons Org centre 1984-92, Did Rons Org OT levels up to 16, Have continued on my own, also with the help of radionic metering, Recently ran the incident outside of time, where I decided to exist (no god created me)

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